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This small tea set was bought by my great grandparents while honeymooning in Paris. I've gone over several of the pieces (front & back) looking for any maker mark, but haven't found anything. There are several different figures, wearing different 'period style' clothing. There seems to be a cup and saucer missing, as there are an odd number of plates. Any info would be greatly helpful, I would like to be able to identify this so I can rehome it.

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This is probably 1930's Japan made. It would have had a sticker on one of the pieces "made in Japan" which is easily lost. It is paste porcelain, with a decaled decoration that was popular in that time. and features a semi lusterware finish, also popular in the 1920-1940 era. 

Your set is incomplete, so it would only fetch a few dollars. Sorry I don't have better news for you. :(

Since I KNOW when & where it came from, I know it is not Japanese... A majority (more than) Japanese tea sets have handle-less cups, and come in sets of four. I know for a fact this was bought in Paris. My grandmother got to only look at it as a child, and she was born in 1895... I'll look elsewhere, I see this is a dying group, minus 2-3 regulars, thank you for your reply.

That's totally up to you. But I promise you, you will get the same answer elsewhere. I am a certified appraiser of antiques and collectibles with 25 years experience.

To each is own!

Here is one page of listings of the very same era, Japan made tea sets, you might even find you exact one! Japan wares were also sold in France!


try courting couple tea set 


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