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This antique postcards are dated back to 1910 and they are written on, just wondering of they are worth anything, Would love to know the best place to list these for sale. Thanks for all your help. One in written in German.








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Yes - particularly because they are Chicago - of historical note and nice photo views - one looks like a chromolyth (sp) - One of Chicago's nicknames besides the Windy City was the White City dubbed for the World's Colombian Expo- 1893 - but I can't tell if that is what was known as the Court of Honor. The White City burnt down in 1911 - so your card could be even more valuable. This is one place I would check out Ebay and there is also a Chicago based group on here.
Have checked Ebay, but no one is bidding on them. Will check out the Chicago group.
Postcards are very collectible.
The train station is always a decent collectible postcard. Your attachment S7300299.JPG, 1.8 MB

See ya, Country Joe
GREAT POSTCARDS!!! When I shopped e....bay better I used to auction the postcards there; as it seemed to have the most exposure...and everyone likes something different and for different reasons.....things have changed so much; but that hasn't. someone here will prob have a better idea than I do about selling them......I guess I would fall back on the online auction.....but not start them too low! where ever you can get the most exposure....some of those are really good ones and some of the others could be just as good because that is what someone is looking for! postcards are fun!!
White City (Amusement Park) postcards are definitely worth a higher price

Chicago postcards are "common" so you need to look at what you have and make the determination "does it fit in another category". Amusement park postcards are worth more. Real photos are always worth more because only so many were made. Esp in the suburbs

Any questions, give me a shout

Hi! Sallie...try "delcampe.net" this site is free for the inscription with a small fee only if you sell....the postcard market is hot in Europe...you never know....Yves

Yes, vintage postcards can be collectible according to subject etc.  I have had in my collection nearly 2000 but am gradually selling them off.  Ebay can be a good site but delcampe.net  as someone else suggested, is a good site too.

The subject of the guy orating is a great subject, and where there are lots of folk, transport etc: these will attract attention and of course, location. 

If they have been posted, taking images of the reverse is good too, as not only are people interested in the image and location, but also the stamp and postmark.  There is much more to collecting early postcards then the view!

I come from Guernsey so collected cards with my island in mind, and now they are paying off as it's not such a well known location.

Good luck with them!


I guess I'm going to be the Scrooge on this one.  Antique does not really mean valuable.  Look close at your cards.  If you put them on ebay you will notice more dealers looking at them than buyers.  I see most have rounded corners, creases and staining.  A true collector, (or dealer), will not offer more than $1-$2.  Remember: Condition,Condition,Condition.   "Just saying"

A suggestion would be to sell them as a lot, not as a single item.

Good Luck!!


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