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Ok, we're familiar with the romantic florals, the exotic tropicals, the atomic abstract designs of the 50's. But there were other designs used on barkcloth as well. One of my favorites, that I sold a long time ago to someone who has since reproduced it, was designed for a teenager's room.

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Oh my..how absolutely ADORABLE...thanks for sharing Sharon..I love your fabrics! Lisa
Sharon, I asked this earlier in the other discussion...why is the American barkcloth era referred to as 1930-40 but clearly the 50's is involved as you have shown. I specialize in the French fabrics and add some of the floral barkcloth era fabrics into the mix but clearly, I know more about the French than the American...thanks, Lisa
Also, does RETRO refer to only the abstract barkcloths? thanks, lisa
I wasn't aware that anyone limited the barkcloth era to 30's and 40's - always assumed the 1950's were included as well, since for a while the atomic designs were among the most popular.

As far as the word retro is concerned, I disagree with the way it is often used. I use retro to mean something contemporary that is designed to evoke a past style - such as when certain styles (like platform shoes, or bell-bottoms) come back in vogue.
Also popular in the 1950's were barkcloths in the cowboy and western motifs.....

And then there's the ever-popular cocktail party:

And another theme entirely, that's in my Vintage Drapery & Upholstery department now:

In short, just about any theme appropriate for home decor was probably printed on barkcloth at some point.
Ah..very interesting..I will need to broaden my take on vintage barkcloth..I always hear the term 1930'-40's for Barkcloth Era fabric...although here we clearly have 1950's barkcloth...perhaps "they" are refering to the first wave of barkcloth use in this country as in the tropical and floral...very interesting...Lisa
I looked up the history of barkcloth on the Internet because this was bothering me..why I heard the term and always thought of the Barkcloth Era as the 30's-40's and I think I arrived at the reason. If I am not mistaken, the Barkcloth "era" is considered 1930-40 (that is the Hawaiin Tropical Designs and girlie Florals) and the Eames Era Barkcloth is the term commonly used for barkcloth during that period...and Atomic Age is also the term associated with "retro" barkcloth fabric. Phew..can get a girl quite confused!!
One other different style of barkcloth is the series issued by Riverdale fabrics reproducing some of the paintings of Grandma Moses. Seen below: Childhood Home

And this one's Williamstown

There were also at least 3 or 4 others; occasionally you'll find them framed.
These are wild..whta are the years on these Sharon..the 50's?
The Grandma Moses fabrics were licensed and manufactured from 1950 to 1967, according to Galerie St.Etienne who hold the rights to Grandma Moses' art.


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