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My wife and I are planning on opening an antique mall and have faced quite a few challenges. We recently toured a building that looks promising but has one thing that is kind of bugging us - there's a thrift store next to the location.

When I say 'next to', I really mean 'in the same building'. The building used to be a grocery store but was divided down the middle. The thrift store is is completely separate from the other side but the two sides share a common front awning. There is no 'pass thru' between the two sides.  Like a duplex - two different residents that share a common wall.

We are concerned that customers will think that our mall is part of the thrift store and vice versa. The real estate agent thinks they will complement one another as customers of each are interested in used merchandise. I don't agree exactly.

Is this something we should even concern ourselves with? If you rent space(s) in an antique mall, would this arrangement concern you?

Opinions both from the professional viewpoint as well as a customers viewpoint would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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As a customer the two stores in the same location would be a plus.  The more stores the better. 

As a booth owner - I think it would depend on the type of thrift store and what prices they charge.   Is it a real junk store with cheap junk or more of a high end boutique?  One plus about thrift and vintage items - there are rarely the same items for sale, it is always hit and miss.  So most buyers of these items know that they should buy an item that they like when they see it.  Who knows when or if you will find it again.

I wish you luck with your new business.    

if both businesses are antique malls I would agree with you 100 percent that that would be advantageous to both. however the thrift store isn't what I would call a 'high end' thrift store. maybe I'm putting too much thought into this but what is if you had a very nice Italian restaurant and you shared the building with a McDonalds? don't you think the McDonalds would make your Italian restaurant looks cheap?

Is it too premature to post some photos if the exterior and interior? I'm more interested in location of store( is it a main thorough way?) or area of other antique shops? Will it be a group shop or solo? Is your inventory high end or eclectic? What are you selling?

If you are high end you may think twice about this idea.

Can you describe more.....

I like when shops are clustered... Can you discuss the location?


I think it would be premature to shows pics but I will say that it is in a strip mall that includes fast food, a Kmart and some independently owned businesses in a nice surburban neighborhood.

The inventory will be a mix of antiques as well as collectibles and pop culture (Star Wars, comic book, sport memorabilia, etc) and I would like to limit or eliminate 'garage sale' or flea market type stuff but that may be impossible. But it will be limited.

I thinking that some sellers may go next door, but some things, then mark them up 500% and put them into their booth in my mall. I'm not sure what kind of impression that would have on customers.

I have nothing against thrift stores (I shop them and have found some cool stuff) but I'm thinking that it might not be complimentary to an antique mall that is not only next door, but sharing the same building (even though separated by a wall.


So far all that you described sounds encouraging.
If you have good stuff.....they will find you!


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