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I just started a blog/website a couple weeks ago www.myvintagegeneration.com
It's fun and my first goal is to keep my blog entries very short - 2 to 3 paragraphs. And I keep items varied.

I just started using Google analytics and it's really fascinating to find out where web users are coming from and what pages they're looking at.

In the short time I've been blogging this is what I'm doing to generate attention.

1 - Announce on twitter when I have a new blog entry. (according to google this is where most of my viewers are coming from)
2 - Announcing on other venues like IAO and other sites (I also belong to the Record Collector's Guild and have my website on my signature)
3 - Using keywords in my blog title (again according to google people have found me based on their google search)
4 - Once I have my business cards made I'll be putting them in every sale I make on eBay, etsy, and half.com

I haven't really blogged on other websites, but I do contribute to sites like this and I try and twitter at least 5 times a day -- just to get my name out there.

One avenue I haven't gone down yet is Facebook, but I'm sure that will be just a matter of time.

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MVG: Thank you for this excellent post.

Thanks for the informative entry. It must be something in the air. My new website and blog are up and running as of 2 weeks ago. The address is www.wedgwoodlady.com. Guess what I sell.....yes, it's Wedgwood. I am specializing in china replacement, the old and the unusual. My business is ALMOST full time. Please check out my website and sign my guest book.

Great website Ellen & congrat's!
We launched our website at about the same time!

Have you used Google analytics yet?
You'll need to sign up for a google account, then go to 'business solutions.' From there go to "analytics' and it breaks everything down for you -- the how, why, and where of your audience.
Thanks, MVG! I, too, have found Google Analytics very useful. I have it on my etsy sites.I am just now getting the hang of Twitter (www.twitter.com/worldvintage). I see its potential, but we'll see how that goes. I've also started a Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/World-Vintage/240530343031?ref=ts). I have heard that a fan page can be useful, but less so than Twitter. In any case, come join me on both!
Hi WorldVintage -

My new year's resolution is to open a Facebook fan page!
I've heard that it's a very effective way to get the word out there. Thanks for letting me know!

And glad to hear you find Google Analytics useful. I only have a basic understanding of it, but I find it fascinating.

As soon as I log out of here, I will definately check you fan page and twitter page.
Thanks! I'm having fun exploring all of these new media, but it remains to be seen if it translates to sales. I keep my fingers crossed.


I have avoided Twitter because even though I registered quite awhile back, I just didn't "get it." However, it has been brought to my attention this week that it is essential for connecting with my market through my blog entries. But, I don't understand HOW? Do they need to subscribe? How do I find potential Twitter customers?

I do however, use FB constantly and really enjoy marketing my stuff there.  http://www.facebook.com/GrandmasTreasuresOnline How does it compare?

And I love my new updated store with built-in blog http://www.grandmastreasuresonline.com/



Register with Twitter..I'll follow you.  Once you link items from your site(s) to Twitter, your followers will re-tweet your items to all those that follow them. 


Give it a try!  Link to me: http://twitter.com/elisiashoppe   and I'll follow.



I'm following Meryl


Here's mine...



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