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I'm still in the process of stocking my booth at a local antique mall. Two years waiting on the list and I'm finally in!

Any ideas about alternative lighting for a 7' case of elegant glass? The additional set fee for electricity is just too much considering the amount that would be used.

I've read about moving things around and swapping the inventory. Just wondered if there were any seasoned sellers that would share advice with a newbie.


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Lisa, I know this sounds cheesy, but a friend of mine wanted to light up his mothers antique china cabinet without actually working at it. He said he didn't want to damage it, but he was basically trying to cut corners - so he bought some of the better "stick-up" lights to put inside. He had to find the higher wattage lights, which cost more than the dollar store variety, but it worked. The pieces inside looked great. You might buy one and see how you like it before investing more money. They last quite a long time on a battery. Just a thought.
Yes, battery powered tap lights would probably work. Try one to make sure you don't get much heat. A friend of mine used a mini lamp in one of her primitive cabinets and it melted the wax candles on the shelf above the lamp. There was a mess and burnt fingers involved - ouch!
Thanks! I've already tried the newer type but they don't give out enough light. I guess they were made to use when it is totally dark. I've moved a few things around too and will see how that works. More color coordination in the open areas.

I was suprised the other day with a couple of compliments. "It isn't messy (cluttered) and your bottle of hand cleaner is a big plus." Can you tell I'm a seasoned shopper? I knew not everyone carried cleaner with them and hands do tend to get dirty.

I know much is trial and error getting set up but I have already gained a new respect for vendors. It's a lot of work!
Thanks Sue!

Great idea I have tons of information as I research each piece as much as I can.
Hi Sue. take a look at my blog ( upper left hand side of main page...click on more). Dianne
Congratulations on getting into your mall! If it's anything like the two I'm in (may I mention the names here or is that more appropriate for another forum?), you will have a LOT of fun!

Now if I understand you correctly, you are renting a case? Were you only planning on stocking it with only fine glassware? This may be a location thing, but a lot of places I've visited the case owners have more than one type of item, makes it more likely to appeal to a greater number of shoppers. Hey, be sure to post pictures of your case when you get a chance, I'd love to see them!
Nope, I have a booth with a hutch, two cases and some open shelves. I've been trying to light the vertical case as it contains some of my glassware.

Things have changed since I took this picture but it will give you a basic idea of the case.

I, too, have just rented space in a mall and thought of the monthly theme sale - for instance all Asian, planters, color (if you have many things in a certain color), etc. I just finished pricing everything (what a job!) and will have a 20% off grand opening sale in time for the holidays. It's exciting to finally have my stuff out of storage and in the public eye! Good luck!!
As a previous antique dealer in a Mall, my advice to you is this :
Once a week, rearrange your booth, this is very important for many reasons,
1. Refreshes the apperance of your booth
2. Gives you new ideas on the design of your booth
3. Makes the customer stop, and come in, oh shes added more to her booth,prevents ppl from just walking by
If this is available, see if the Mall will allow you to rent small spaces around the Mall,instead of just one booth, thus giving you the opportunity to triple your exposure and sell more items.If not, convince them !
I often used an inexpensive desk light (can't rem what they are called, with the long arm) to spot light areas.
Lock Lock Lock items ! If a customer really wants the item, they will take the time to go to the desk for the key ! Plus it increases the value , adding a presence to your booth.
lastly, have well written tags & signs on your items & booth, you don't want to lose a sale for a piece w/out a price !
Good Luck in your new venture & be patient as it takes awhile to establish customers !
Thanks Beth for the tips....i often get bored with my stuff...and have "color" days. If one week I display my red items with blue items, the next time i switch over merchandise I might pair my red items with yellow things.

Also I might pick a tablecloth I like and match things to the tablecloth for inspiration! i talk a lot about this subject on my blog:http://cdiannezweig.blogspot.com/

Good tips, Beth. I'm a mall newbie as well and sell mostly mid century in a country specific mall. It's been 8 weeks and sales have been kind of slow, but ARE there. I'm a bit discouraged but have been told to be patient, as you have said. How does one determine how long to wait to build a base? I'm not asking to pinpoint a date, but generally? Not sure I can afford to barely squeak by month after month and I fear the pace will slow way down after the holidays. It's also far for me to travel to my mall and I paying more for gas and rent than I'm making, at this point, so it's a little difficult to do a weekly change over. I only have to do 2 days a month on the floor and we're not supposed to work on our booths on those days. (Although other people do, I try to abide by the rules.) I was thinking of taking a case downstairs for smalls, so what you said is in line with that idea - only it's even MORE money! 8-)
Good luck to us all!!!
Hello Beth,
I am new to the group and I was wondering how you are making out now at the mall. I have been full-time at a company for 20 years and on December 23 I will be resigning to sell at an antique mall about 45 minutes away in Toronto Ontario Canada. I have been selling for the last year and I am not making much money. Hope that changes when I put more hours into it. How are you doing?
Take care
Anne Marie


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