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On Saturday Vintage Touch / Deanna Moyers posted this comment:  "I was wondering why my own pins don't seem to show up in the pinterest search engine?  Thanks for any enlightenment."

I have also wondered this, as I can NEVER find my own pins when doing a search, yet I know that people are seeing them since they sometimes get repinned and liked.  So... I thought this would be a good topic for research and discussion.

Not too long ago I had found an article on Pinterest re: why certain pins show "up front", and why some show up first in search.  I will have to hunt down this article... from what I remember, it had someting to do with their algorithm.  It also mentioned that they are changing their algorithm all the time, trying to adapt to the site's enormous growth. 

Any info or insight anyone has or can find on this topic please post here!



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Hello fellow Pinatics ~

Well I found an interesting article re: the mysterious search function on Pinterest... apparently we are not the only ones having issues with this.  Basically, the article discusses issues about the search and offers some suggestions to help make your pin more "findable".  But admits that even if you do everything right, you still probably won't see your pin show up.  Apparently there is no rhyme or reason to the search???  Keep in mind that the article is NOT by an employee or associate of Pinterest, it is just a blog post by someone who is experienced on Pinterest.  I thought it was a good article because I tried some of the same "tests" that she did and had the same results.  Here is the link to the article if anyone is interested:

Pinterest Search: Why It Sucks And How You Can Improve It

If anyone else has any insight or finds any information please post in this discussion! :)


Thanks - that was interesting and helpful!

You're welcome Sally!  If you hear news on this please post here :)

I've been there quite some time and have never, ever seen my own pins in a search.

I've only seen my own pins on the everything page a couple times and that was very early on.

Antoinette that is interesting to hear since you have been there for awhile, I'm wondering if it is part of their algorithm or something that you don't see your own pins in search?  Oh well, I guess if others are seeing the pins that's what's important.  Still I would love to know the reasoning behind their search function.



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