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When is Something A Good Pick And When Is It A White Elephant?


When I watch The American Pickers, I am always baffled about some of the junk they pick. Do you have stuff that you would call a "White Elephant"?


Anyone want to jump in here on this discussion?



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one mans junk in another mans junque!


 Craig, I was hoping when I opened up your  response that  decades of wisdom would follow...... I guess your  answer is based on  insight!



I have been to lots of white elephant sales and spent lots of money and made money.

a white elephant is something you do not know what to do with or do not want, "ie" you got some antique tools, junk to you, some are junk to me, others are gold, or the price is right enough for you to sell it cheap enough some one will say oh I guess I need 2 of these.

or old doorknobs, we sell knobs from $2.00 on up to a lot of people think $20 is a lot for a doorknob, I have a couple that are $500. each, and they go up to many thousands of dollars each,


its like frank likes oil cans, I have bought a few, they look good sitting on a shelf out in the antique car storage garage as well as the tin signs, gas pumps, all that type of stuff, used to be the only time I would buy a canister set, like you love, was there was some thing inside I wanted other wise just pass on that junk.


Craig phillips

B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware



when you are busy enough in your specialty no need to roam into something just cause it is there, other than man that is neat looking may be the better half might want that and I might get some brownie points for giving it to her.


my grandma loved rooster stuff so I always was buying that stuff so when she was down I could reach into the cupboard and say her grandma look what I found for you,


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