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It's hard to have favorites in any given style--I love them all. So I mix styles, textures, colors, and have a lot of fun doing it.

Having moved so many times through many countries and states and had to part with countless households, often 90% of them, it's even harder to decide what to keep. Over the last 40+ years I have honed down my households to absolute keepers, furniture pieces that blend well with almost anything and get rearranged to suit the new environment at each move.

Mid-century Modern furniture has not been a big part of it though, regrettably. There were pieces I'd have liked to keep but couldn't because of space and bulk. But two of my favorites are still around.

1. A Hall Table that here serves as a decorative backing to a modern (traditional) leather loveseat. Facing the house entry doors (not shown), it also serves for holding various items helpful to coming and going, keys, etc., in three drawers. Finished in a low key maple tone, it blends with almost any decor.

2. A 4-drawer Chest, here acting as a side-server to the formal dining room area next to it, holding table linens, silverware, etc. In the next home it was not needed and there serves to hold clothing in the master bedroom.

As seen in the images, both Mid-Century pieces blend well with antique and traditional styles. They provide a welcome visual pause from more opulent antique style furniture and serve their practical purpose as well.

With the current popular trend to add more Mid-Century Modern furniture and furnishings, it's worth keeping in mind that some marriages of style can work well in many diverse settings.

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I 1st read your last line as '...some marriages of style can work well in many divorce settings." !

I'm sure that too will work!  Thank you for reading my post to the end--that is so rare online.

It wasn't divorce that caused my many moves though except once, a very long time ago, but moving around every few years was part of a necessary professional life style. Am well settled now since 7 years and hope it'll stay that way for more years to come.

Here are two more views of the same pieces, the Hall Table and the 4-drawer rosewood chest.

Now in a passageway from the Great Room to the back of the house, the hall table  anchors a mirror (that was there and can't be taken down) and at Christmas gets its own decor:

The rosewood chest of drawers centers two windows in the Master BR, done in English style with ante-bellum sheer window treatments (sorry for poor image quality; the photo was taken counter-light):

These are not the only two places the two Mid-Century furniture pieces have been but here they are very much at home as well as useful.

I'm a 'mixer' also!  Love your examples!  Most of mine are 1800's - 1960's pieces and accessories.  I  love them all & all the memories they evoke. 


Thanks for sharing!

That is fun Liz! I've always mixed my old Victorian pieces w/ Noveau and Art Deco - but didn't ever think of mixing the mid-century stuff with it!

I'm now thinking that would look good in my booths in the antique mall - I haven't had much luck moving the modern pieces as of yet, but suspect that will be the next "trend" in the 20-somethings and 30- somethings because that is what they are mostly buying at my estate sales.

Thanks for sharing!


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