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I have these marbles for sometime after picking them up from a garage sale for my kids to play with but noticed these particular ones and set them aside.

I have been trying to find out what type they are and have found only very little and still couldnt identify them.

What I could find out was that they are handmade as they have cane marks all except for the picture of the group of 6. The four in the middle seem to be made of clay or something and two are smaller than 1cm.

All these marbles , except for one are in excellent condition.

ANY info any could give me would be greatly appreciated.


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Akro patch of a nice color combo. It is still of the common variety and not of high value. Although is a pretty little marble to have in the collection. Moss agate will have an obvious translucence, one that is normally a cloudy yellowish to white-ish that slightly takes on the patches color in light.

Thanks, Paul. I was doing my best! LOL I coulda sworn the Block book said the base was translucent brownish white and their photo showed a very yellow looking base with a brown patch. They also had a Hero, which was similar.

Thanks to both of you. Robb, you got us to the correct comany and Paul narrowed it tighter. Nice work and thank you both.

So that's what she is?

A Moss Agate.

Is that good?

still a newbie remember?

Amy, Great pic! Don't lose that background! This mib is getting prettier by the second. One of you earlier pics showed some sort of scare (hit, hole, or something..should have looked more carefully.) that mark will decrease its value dramatically unless It is "as made." Grading conversation in the weeks to come...she can still come and visit here any time she wants.

the scar is from when it was made it looks like a smooth formation mark unlike a hit or crack.

Great! Amy, I have to ditch you for the rest of this evening...I am buried in emails from here and can't even find my way around. 

BUT...please tell your friends that Robb, Danny, and I will be adding folks slowly while we feel our way around.

The real lesson for you and everyone here is that what happened tonight is what a real marble thread looks like....some ups, some downs, a little group thought, and hopefully someone who knows for sure" chimes in. These threads will just get better as the "big boys" arrive. Plus, you will find that we also get off topic on each other regularly...boys will be boys, but we sure have fun at it.

Lastly, as a group, we try hardest to help newbies. They are the life blood of any hobby. And for me, the newbies rekindle my interest in marbles.

Thank you so much for your participation. I hope others who see this realize how much fun we all have and join in with questions and observations and PICTURES

I have to go to bed guys! I'll check ur thread tomorrow. Nice meeting you, Amy. Ciao for now.

nice to meet you too, thankyou so much for you help

Don't thank me. Sir Robert made a great call that I believe may be correct. He had the nerve to say it. I did not.

Robb, Great fun! Great new beginning. Thanks man for carrying the ball. Donnie is next 'cuz I need someone to trash talk.

I am embarrassed that I forgot Kyle. Kyle, you and Danny put this together. I hope that you two will be real strong leaders because this hobby is only as good as the "young guns" like you two who think of new connections that make sense in the 21st Century. And no, I hate cell phones.


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