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I have these marbles for sometime after picking them up from a garage sale for my kids to play with but noticed these particular ones and set them aside.

I have been trying to find out what type they are and have found only very little and still couldnt identify them.

What I could find out was that they are handmade as they have cane marks all except for the picture of the group of 6. The four in the middle seem to be made of clay or something and two are smaller than 1cm.

All these marbles , except for one are in excellent condition.

ANY info any could give me would be greatly appreciated.


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Two on left are Akro  I believe... then some commons....the yellow and purple could be good or real good, but need to see more pics...all the way to the right are two or three clay mibs, and in the top row with the clay, to its left appears to be an agate (stone) marble and to the right of the white based with blue opaque. We are in the process of bringing a marble posse over to this site at the invitation of Dianne. Mibs are fun and they can be very profitable for those who choose to sell them.


will attempt to upload some more pic's of the yellow and purple. presuming you mean the one in the middle?

yes maam...

I see Danny in this group, but not Robb or Paul....

I tried to get it into the sun so you could see the colour better but you can also see it has a 'line' in it otherwise perfect.


First pic does nothing. Second makes me even more curious. I cannot ID it still, but getting some ideas. Are  Paul Heupel  or Robb Forehand out there somewhere?

Thankyou so much also for your help too. I'd been waiting for so long to know what they were and its so good to have a name for them. I knew had a feeling that they weren't your ordinary marbles and am glad I did save them from the kids.

Amy, by price, most of your pictured marbles are common, but this may be very special...time will tell, but these are the mibs we love-the real pretty ones that to date are unidentified....the has begun!

here's another pic.


Amy,  please try two pics for us. One of each seam. You might have better luck with your pictures if you put the marble down on something gray. That said your pics or OK, but if you aren't holding them, they will be more stable and even more in focus...just a thought.

Hi, guys. Sorry just trying to get used to navigation here. Amy, what I can tell you so far isn't much either, I'm afraid. It's gorgeous from what I've seen.


In most cases, for ID, it's helpful to use a gray background for photos, natural light and no flash if possible. Try rolling the marbles a bit and taking several shots, focusing two of them on the poles, if you can make any out. Some marbles are very easily identifiable at first sight, but some, like yours, can be a bit trickier. Color and pattern are the keys, and sometimes even then we never know. We always give it a heck of a shot, though!  ;P


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