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Here you go. :-) I talked about me posting some of my marbles on here with a couple people for identification. If you want to get ahead of the postings you can see most of them here. :-) http://imgur.com/a/TH7BO#18

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Makes it kind of rough to have so many at once there, Kyle. Although if we take all the solid color marbles here and call them game marbles, which is what they were made for. There are special solid colored marbles but I did not notice any from what I see.

The first two pictures look like Akro, but Master can be close in these types.

In the 5th and 6th picture, the bottom left looks like Akro and the bottom right looks to be a Peltier Champion Jr. The top in those looks new.

All are fairly common and you will likely fill jars with them over the next few years. The game marbles look great in a gumball machine.

5th and 6th picture, take and back light the marble to the right, the Peltier. See what color the base glass is, this may help a bit. Most of the new common marbles can be found in bags at Walmart. Next time you are in there go to the toy section and find a mesh bag of them. I did this because it helps eliminate the commons by sight, and is a great cheap reference tool. They literally are a buck a bag.

Oooh, great tip there, Danny!

Alright. :-D Glad to see ya buddy :-)

Alright. I'm cutting this discussion down. I'll take them one at a time to make it easier. :-) Was more then anything just trying to get some pictures and discussions going. I know most are going to be a Find-One-And-You-Identified-Ten kind of thing right? The first two pictures are "Glowers" As well as the 9th picture. Those are some of my favorites, but for some reason this one is my favorite still.

This is Vacor I believe if it is as I describe back to you. It appears black, but is transparent and you can see the "smile" pattern dive into the corners at opposite ends of the smile.. 

"Dive in" As in poles? Yes it does. It has 3 lines

Third from the bottom ...upper left...see the eye lashes....game marble...ny guess id that it is Akro because of the eye lashes.

Most say we cannot ID game mnarbles. I used to agree, but lately, realize that sometimes I see game marbles that are color specific to one company. Go  to joemarbles.com and read my articles "Hey Jabo, You Butt Crack Is Showing" and Marble Machines, Gob Feeders and Delivery Systems." They will tell you how marbles are made.

I read the Butt Crack after our conversation about it haha I'll check out the others :-D


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