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This flag was found in an attic along with 2 Japanese rifles 9which I don't have). It's silk. I wouldn't know how to authenticate it. Is it worth anything

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This is an authentic WWII soldiers Rising Sun Flag which many carried into battle! My father gave me one just like it, but mine has names of unit written on it & some blood stains. They were taken from the bodies of dead Japanese soldiers as souvenirs in most cases! My dad was a pilot & traded some booze for his I believe! Not sure of the value since it is not signed, but you could check some WWII collectors web sites & probably get an idea what it is worth. I would like to see the rifles if you care to photograph them! Are you thinking to sell either of those?
I don't have the Japanese rifles but I have a couple of other rifles and a sword that were handed down. Don't know if you know anything about these. One is a Springfield and one is a harpers Ferry. The sword has no marks that I can find.
Way cool & I would love to see more photos if you have time. The whole rifles both sides would be neat, not just the logo area. Are they in working condition do you think? the sabre looks like a civil war cavelry sword, but could be older, not really sure! Are you interested in selling the rifles or do you plan on keeping them? Cheers! Swims
I might be interested in selling depending on price.


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