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There's an old saying, "there are no friends at an auction". I believe this holds true for flea markets, antiques shows, thrift stores, yard sales.

If you bring a friend along to a antiques "event", chances are that you have similar tastes and tend to buy similar things. This can lead to some very awkward moments.

What advice can we come up with to resolve the, "oh no, I saw it first", problem?

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Sure Charles, I have a circle of dealer friends too and we work very much the same way. I'm not trying to put a negative spin on the discussion, I'm just saying I would rather not share what I know and places I go with a relative stranger. Also I would actively avoid teaming up with someone who decided to get into the business yesterday and wants YOU to take them under their wing... so to speak.

To make reference to a popular TV show (Storage Wars)... its all good until your new friend turns out to be 'Dave Hester'. To those who have never seen that show, an analogy for a 'Dave Hester' would be, a "snake in the grass", "a wolf in sheep's clothing".

Now if your new friend is somebody you've seen around a few times, and you know they buy small furniture and you buy toy trains... yeah, that would be a good market 'buddy'.


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