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Booth Space rented (yes) Hotel Room booked (yes) Ready to sell (yes) Ready to shop (yes) IS IT MAY YET (no)

If you have never been to the Springfield Oh Antique Show and Flea Market Extravaganza you are missing out. It is held every May and September (the 3rd weekend) and it is a not miss for me and 100's of thousand other people. I have been attending for years and as soon as the weekend is over I am ready to return. It has over 2500 dealers who set up in a dozen buildings and outside across the entire fairgrounds.

What I love about this show is the large variety of items to be found, everything from fine glassware, chabby chic, excellant assortment of furniture, antique and vintage dishes, advertising, linens, garden items, jewelry, and anything else you can think of. Do not let the 'Flea Market' wording in the show title scare you away, you will not be swallowed up in t-shirts or socks, there may be a handful of booths that have these items, oh and a couple Avon booths (which is great, as that is where I get my yearly supply of deodorant) Yes I know, I am sharing more then you want to know - so I will continue on with the job at hand. This is a real shopper's paradise.

Okay, now that you are ready to head for Springfield, here are a few tips for a really enjoyable shopping weekend.

In fact these tips are great for any outdoor shopping trip you plan:

1) Do not wait to book your hotel room, as they fill up really fast.

2) Take an umbrella or a cheap thin plastic lightweight rain poncho (you can get them at the Dollar Store for $1) . While this show has been more then blessed with excellant weather for the last couple years, it is better to be covered then wet, right? If it should happen to rain (which usually never is an all day thing, ooohhhh I hope I just did not jink the show) there are buildings full of booths for you to shop, alot of outside dealer's are under tents.

3) Plan for cool mornings and warm afternoons. I always take a jacket, sweatshirt, lightweight shirts, long and short jeans, well you get the picture.

4) Take an extra pair of shoes and socks. Alot of the outside booths are on grassy areas, and even if it has not rained, it may have rained sometime earlier in week, if history repeats itself. I was shopping one day and got caught in a down pour, that lasted an hour, of course I did not stop shopping, I followed Rule #2, but my shoes and socks were soaked.

5) Take Sunscreen, I have seen so many miserable people on the second day of the show that wish they had and also a hat and sunglasses.

6) Take whatever type of medicinal product you may think you may need, as the closest store is a mile away and who wants to stop shopping because you have a headache or bless your heart an upset stomach.

7) Band-aids and neosporin. Trust me at some point you, someone with you or another shopper will need this. I have seen people reach in a box and cut thereself on a broken piece of glass or get a splinter from a piece of furniture.

8) Bring wet wipes. While the fairgrounds has a good number of restrooms (inside and port-a-pots) and has to have the best cleaning staff I have ever seen, as they are always clean and wellstocked, you may not want to stop shopping to wash your hands. I personally do not stop shopping for nothing or no one.

9) Take time to go to the office and get a map of the fairgrounds, trust me you will need it, this is a big place. That way if you purchase an item and want to go back to pick it up you can mark the map. In addition, paper and pencil. Make a list of everything that you purchase, that way you will be sure that you get to the car with everything.

10) Bring small bills. So many people come to the show with $50's-100's that the dealers may run out of change, then you have to wait while the dealer tries to get change from their neighbor, this is a waste of valuable shopping time lol. I always take lots of $1's, 5's, 10's, 20's.

11) Bring your own tote bags. While most dealers will have bags for your purchases, you may end up with several bags and it is easier to keep them together in one large bag. Some dealers will be happy to hold your purchases after you have paid for them, of course, but remember Rule #9 so you can find your way back.

12) When you park pick out a landmark, so you can find your vehicle, after you walk around for awhile, it is a good chance you will be turned around. Of course if you follow Rule #9 you can mark it on your map.

Okay - I am sure I have forgotten something, but this will be a great start for anyone going shopping. Trust me you will love this show, so if you can make it, come ahead. Look for me in the Swine Barn, back by Layborne Rd, I will be the one with the big hat on, of course I will probably be out shopping.

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