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A few days ago, I bought a white mother of pearl vase and I would like to know if someone on this site have information to share about mother-of-pearl vases. The antique ones?
My vase is tall and seem to be hand-blown.
I have not made a picture yet, but i would like to hear from you concerning these item.
I don't want any responses from anyone who finds it a bother to answer.

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Hi,I really appreciate your request. Oh, You will just love the vase. some people refer to the hand-made blown glass vase as a rainbow vase.
I have a pair of them, but they were purchase more than a year apart and in differnt location. One from a memphis, Tn. former owner and the other from a lady who aquired in an estate sale.
Yesterday I made a video of it and some photo shots but they were not made on a digital camera. Now I have to have them transfered to a cd and uploaded to my computer. stay tuned for my upload to Iantiqueonline.
In the mean time check with http://www.oldandsold.com as they will have information on this rainbow glass or as some refer to it--mother of pearl.
Your request made my night. thank you.
I just asked my wife to photograph my vase for your observation, good chance it will be posted today.
I did a little more research and I found a site that explains to me why there seems to be so much confusion about this type of glass.
This link is intended for everyone who have been so helpful in responding to my question about my mother of pearl vase.
please read and view everything in the link:

resue do you still have this vase and if so, could you share a picture?
I have the vase and I have a second one that is totally different. I'm setting up my picture right now. I've just got home and I do not have my photo studio open yet. I will try using my camcorder and load it into a video. and then I will upload a picture as well.

This is a quick photo, so excuese me if it is not the best.
It will be loaded in the next reply message. I will reply to my reply as an extention of this message in picture form but the video will be added to my videos at the middle of the page right now I don't know how to upload it in the same window that my messages appear. maybe I do, lets see!
I just upload the two pictures of the vase . Took a long time to do it and it cleared and disappeared. what's up with that?
I will now upload on right here and one in mr. Boles's reply.
I never received a reply to my question on this vase. Have you any information related to this vase. I own it but have not seen any information specific to it.
Yes! Thank you for not forgetting me or doubting my find. Yours look like it maybe a tiffany. I hope I used the correct spelling in my last statement, opps.

Your vase and mine seems to be made with the color mixted in or naturally oc curing because of the process it under went in making it and so does mine.
It is not fluted. I tapers from the base to an apple or fruit shape. I don not have the correct word to describe ie tonight.
I know that it is important to know these things and I will certainly supply you with the answers you request and the pictures.
Thanks again, Rescuelife

The other questions such as height and shape, will have to supply tommorrow. My wife is asleep and she will just throw a ...... If I should accidently awaken her.
My Mother died at age 87 and that was only a few years ago and she alerted me to the vase, saying it was the same kind vase that she saw as a little girl while her mother (my grandmother who is still living In Detroit) was working as a domestic in the home of a rich doctor who was also the mayor and head Police man of a small town at the north tip of Tennessee. (Lake county, Tipptonville, Tennessee.

Mother wanted the vase but I wanted to do more study. She died three year ago not reaching ninety. One year later, I found my second vase and it was a little less flawed even thou the first was in good shape.
there was some change in one side of the first one, but it was not so bad. I later found out that over exposure to direct the sun can damage true mother of pearl objects.

I will try to have pictures before monday.
The one like mine that someone brought to the antique roadshow was valued in the thousands.
Yours certainly look beautiful and valuable.

Tell me what you know about your and any linked info you might have.
randy. I just loaded the pictures and they disappeared for some reason. can you find out what happened to them. Two of the vase and an extra of a glass fruit. orange with green leaf.
Here goes for the second time.
randy, The vase view that you re-loaded (my vase) is out of focus. In looking at the vase in realtime, it is not only blown but it has blown flaws. The tiny long wrap around fold is visible to the eye.
You will receive another better focussed picture today. but I will have to do it much later.

I intended to put the other items on the screen. my grandchild and funiture item.
I thought you might want to see a few priceless things while viewing my vase, so I included a few.
I think I found it! I think it's a Fenton. The colors are almost exactly the same, the design and red tops are different, but the pastel or rainbow colors matches perfectly. Also, Fenton uses a tin foil oval-shaped sticker on the bottom and they come off if washed in a dishwasher. Sometimes the sticker leaves an oval-shaped residue on the bottom.
Here is a Fenton for sale on eBay. See if you don't agree with the colors.

Thanks Randy I had hit a dead end! Now I have something to go on again. Anyone else?


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