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This shallow, hand-blown (air bubbles-no mold marks), pinkish-light amber bowl was designed for the accompanying hand-hammered aluminum with lid, presentation stand. It appears out of character. The bowl is beautiful art glass, hex-shaped. The light-colored pinkish-amber glass is crystal clear in the bottom and is folded up and over where it gradually turns to a milky-pinkish cloudy color.

The tray is aluminum, machine made but hand-hammered for effect. I've seen the same finial on other pieces. Back in the late 19th Century aluminum was considered to be very rare.

Anybody have any clues as to who, when, where made? I'd guess it to be a covered cigar ash tray. Can't understand why they would conceal such a beautiful bowl-vase-planter.

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Hi Tom, The color looks like Cambridge glass - elegant depression, I think this color was called "flamingo". Does the base have a fine ground or machined edge? Fostoria also made a line of hand blown glassware called "Heirloom". I don't think the two pieces go togeather. The original bowl for this was likely late cut or early EAPG clear glass - hence the covering up. And you are correct about the aluminum being c.1900. I too recognize the tulip finieal, Can't remember the maker of the aluminum pieces though - is it marked somewhere?
Hi Vicki and Cheri, this bowl is a perfect fit for the alum holder as well as the lid. It measures 6 inches diameter. The bottom has been polished smooth. No marks anywhere. Glass is very thick and heavy, but soft too. I don't believe it's Elegant Depression.
Any Murano enthusiasts aboard? Or Scandinavian/Swedish glass lovers?
Hi there, I believe you are correct. These two pieces do not go together. The lid should fit together securely and the glass that is missing should be clear. I would seperate them and try to ID this pretty glass that way.
I feel foolish, I didn't see the orther post until I posted. Sorry, I'm new here.
hbu: Whenever you goof, there is a dark black X on the right side of YOUR post. Click on it and your post disappears!
Wow, I found it! Rodney Kent, ca 1950s. Mine is much prettier glass than the 3-part relish pictured. Here's a link: http://cgi.ebay.com/VINTAGE-RARE-RODNEY-KENT-FORGED-ALUMINUM-SERVIN...|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|293%3A1|294%3A50

Thanks to all who helped.


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