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Heya all, I have a beloved madonna and child figurine, deco style and lalique-ish with a mark of 'G U L with a 's' inside the 'u'.

Is that mark familiar to anyone? I know I looked it up years ago and found it but didn't make a note of what it was.



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Hello Jeff,

Your mark is moulded mark on 'Madonna & child' (design by Stef Uiterval)

Leerdam, Holland (established 1878)
Hope This Helps
I found the spelling a little different and it is noted Stef A. Uiterwaal (1889 - 1960) an important designer.
I found this info on another forum..."a copy of the Madonna designed by Stef Uiterwaal in 1929 for Royal Leerdam. It has been in constant production since the 30s, most examples date from the 1950s. For some obscure reason they seem to fetch high prices on e-bay - where you should check for pricing details. It was made in 2 different sizes and it not rare at all....

that IS the madonna. The one without the baby is Theresa.:......."
Very cool, great responses all, thanks!
Your Welcome, Oralei
I have a "madonna and child" , it is 14" tall with the GUL mark. It is in impecable shape not a scratch chip blemish or any other defect. It is beautiful but I'd like to know the best advice on how to sell it. Thanks
david kirschenbaum
Hi David, Missed your comments here.

On the other sites forum...the member stated ...."For some obscure reason they seem to fetch high prices on e-bay".

So it would seem that may be the best venue. I would describe it with the information that you know and let the buyers determine what they will pay.

Maybe post a picture and let us see if there is any difference in the two. Many of us are "learning" new things as we go. No response could mean we simply don't know.

If anyone else has an opinion they could post so.

Also, You could always get an "appraisal". :)
thank you very much for the response Oralei. You aare very helpful, appreciated
NP, Your Welcome
Looks like the small ones bring 85-110 on eboy. The 14 version seems to list higher by dealers(naturally).
this is interesting. I just bought this item from a garage sale, all caked with nicotiene stains etc..but cleaned up beautifully,not a scratch or chip or blemish. someone told me it was lalique but I know little about this stuff so, my research landed me here. this is a 14" high version. can't find one to compare for value. wondering about oraleis' comment about many reproductions and not rare at all comment. How does one determine if it is an original or not?


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