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Here's another one. 

From what I gather, this is a Hazel Atlas Checkerboard butter dish top.  I have been to the Hazel Atlas web site and am not interested in paying to join.  If I get more pieces, no problem.  The base is 5-3/4" and is 2-3/4" tall.  Yes, I am trying to price it.  More important, to me, is the hunt.  Age, history.  I don't seem to find much glass.  It seems more like painted pieces.

I've checked several of the links on this site and followed more links...


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So, I get more and better hits when I look for Hocking Glass Co. Block Optic.

This may be it.  I haven't convinced myself.

It is a Depression era glass butter dish lid, that is for certain! and.. you are correct this is Hocking "Block Optic" butter dish. Looks like it came in two sizes, both 7" and 6" There is also a matching Refrigerator dish as well!

I would look on ebay, under completed listings to find the current value. Values of DG have both gone up and down over the years, so it's best to just see what Today's value is for pricing.

I have a very good book for ID'ing this type of glass. It's called "Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years" by Gene Florence. If your interested in learning more about this type of glassware. I do know there is a good collector base for it to, and it's becoming harder to find these days, as you mentioned. So it's a "Lucky Find" for ya! :)

Well good!  Thanks, Vicki.

My glass hunting/googling prowess is improving.  It was the seventeenth edition of the Florences' Depression Glass book that gave me the hint to look for that pattern  The picture in the book didn't convince me so I did my own convincing. 

So now I'm onto Block Optic and Hazel Atlas.  HA's 'Checker(board)' is very similar to BO.  Then, my mystery plate.   


Solving the mysteries is half the fun! Let me know if you discover the maker of your unusual Checkerboard plate! BTW - Did you check under Stuben? I'd start there, if I were on the hunt!

Steuben was suggested, earlier.  Nothing then.

What I just found is another name: Walter Dorwin Teague.  He did work for and/or with Steuben.  There are a few pieces of his with similar cuts.  Even a couple vases with a similar checkerboard.  The quality of the etchings is different, though.  Maybe different for the size of the etched element?  I think my best thing to do is stop searching and wait until I stumble across something in other searches.

Tom, that ID is incorrect! The Hazel Atlas "Criss Cross" Pattern is very different from what Scott has! Here is a photo: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8c/3e/23/8c3e23abb7ee5b4f...

They are of the same era and maker, and both I'm sure are "Vaseline" or Uranium glass as well. But, the pattern is certainly "Block Optic" as I posted. 

Vicki, dunno why it looked like it was the  same pattern as it obviously isn't. Thanks for correcting me!  I'll terminate my post.

Scott, it's a bit late to be asking, but did you post a picture of YOUR "checkerboard" dish?  If so, I don't see it.

I can see a Green butter dish lid, but your statement, "This may be it. I haven't convinced myself." is confusing and indicates (to me) that the green butter dish lid isn't your piece but something you found on line.

Trying to ID your "checkerboard" piece without the benefit of seeing it is improbable.  Would you please post pics of it?

Well, the pictures you see are ones I took of the piece.  Just the lid.  It was sold as a Hocking Block Optic.

New as I am, I need to be as 100% sure as I can be about what I am selling.  The comment, "This may be it.  I haven't convinced myself." means I think something is 'X' but have not convinced myself it is actually 'X'. 

Thanks Scott, makes sense now.


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