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Here's another go-find-'er from the benefactor.  I'm thinking it's an art deco mustard jar?  Maybe salt or sugar?  Beyond that, I have no idea.

The sticker is faded to the point of illegibility.  There are no marks on the bottom or other identifying bit.

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I thought about working on the lid.  I already bleached out the mold and chipped off other crusties.  That's about as far as I want to go for fear of opening new wounds in the metal.

I have feelers out with other folks with different specialties.  The label is the ticket, I'm sure.

A good polish like Maas or Cromex won't hurt a thing. Side note though - ONLY use on silver or chrome. NEVER polish brass, Bronze or copper - HUGE no no on those metals as it removes patina. But on silver and chrome, a good clean up makes the item much more salable. ( 20 year vet as a dealer, appraiser and estate sale specialist) :) 

Also, Me thinks you are too picky! If you keep worrying yourself to death on every item, I doubt you will sell much! Just as a friendly voice!

As Myself ( see above) I'm about 98% positive that what you have is an Art Deco era Mustard pot, in Czech, Cased glass, with (?) metal lid, no spoon.

And.... I'm 100% on your butter cover! Thou does worry too much!

Oh, I laugh!  I overcharged a guy on shipping by a couple dollars and am having a hard time not refunding!  Yesith, I doth worry too much.  I've never hunted but can feel some of the adrenaline hunters feel.  Without the killing part.  I'm not sure what my reaction will be when I get 100% (still using your suggestions.)

I'll take your advice on cleaning.  My current cleaning solutions are CLR, Brasso, and apple cider vinegar.  Vinegar first... (edited)

Soap and water worked nice.  Vinegar and CLR, not so much.  A little Brasso will do the trick.

I have to put this away for a bit.  I picked up two neat little, dimpled juice glasses.  Sort of Blenko.  A new hunt!

uh oh! A new hunt? LOL! Good Luck and have fun! 

BUT - Do get some Maas or Chromex, I think you will be very pleased! Amazon.com or a "Biker store" nearby will have one or the other! :)

Juice glasses? Check out swanky swigs. I think we have a SS group here.

Did you try a magnet yet?  Chrome is usually plated over steel, which is magnetic. They make chrome polish for hub cabs.

The juice glasses are a couple of 6oz dimpled Blenkos. 

By your word, it must be chrome over steel because of the sticky magnet.  Brasso is my go-to for polishing.  It goes back to my Army days.

Final answer.  This is being sold as: Mustard Pot Cased Glass Chrome Hinged Lid Art Deco Vintage.  At some point I have to cut the umbilical.  Fish or cut bait.  Run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.  Still going to look for it.  I don't know if I'm selling it cheap or 110% of actual.

Thanks to everyone for input...

Well Done Sir! Do try Not to run yourself crazy over every piece!

I will admit to you and "all" that I have about 10-12 "mystery items" In my office! I've already parted with most of them...

We just have to "say uncle" sometimes when no further info is found! 

Good Luck! I hope you get a good price, it's a lovely old Mustard pot! ☺

Another reason to have friends is because they use different words than I do.  Like, 'Marmalade'.  I did a search on vintage marmalade jars.  I and begorah if I didn't find the exact lid!  Not the bowl, just the lid.  Even though the bowl is different I have a new clue!

LOL, Yes indeed, having friends is a good thing, having friends that also love antiques and collectibles is PRICELESS though! :) 

Happy Thanksgiving Glass Hounds!


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