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Pretty soon I should have my own page, here.

Speaking of here, here's a piece I found, thinking it was Anchor Hocking.  I got it home and saw more of a pick and circle.  I wouldn't have picked it up except that I found 'Your Credit is Good  Nuf-Ced' embossed on the underside.  What can't be shown is a small 'Z' in the bottom of the bowl.  The best info I've gotten is an advertisement for Prager's Market in San Francisco.  I am unable to find the hallmark online.  One thought is the bowl was a giveaway at Prager's.  Others might be bank, loan, title...  5-3/8" round.

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interesting find! I'd say this appears to be a US maker using an old EAPG mold. This shape is called a "nappy". You can probably ID the pattern first. I'd start with Imperial or Indiana glass co's.

It is not uncommon for many of our glass makers to have done "special orders". In this case for Pragers. Most often they would be used as " Premiums" ie.. purchase so much of this "Stuff" and you also get the pretty bowl free, etc..

So start there and see if it gets you answers. I'll check back on ya in a day or two. 

I'm still in FL.  Doing some badly needed updates and cleaning on the family condo. I'm hoping to be back on da road by tuesday. Happy Easter! Happy Spring! ☺

If I could figure out the hallmark... I can convince myself it's an AH pattern, but more leaning to a pick and pan/hole/pit/mine.  I'll bet my elbows it's a pick.

Been looking for pick, pick and pan, sawtooth, nappy, handled bowl, star, starburst, quilt, diamond, and others to look for a pattern.

Bunnies and flowers to you as well.

Lol, I take it that means you have not yet ID'd your pattern?

Still in FL. Bad storms today, and I'm in NO hurry to return to freezing cold MI.!

I should be home by this weekend, and if you are still having trouble, I'll break out the books to help ya!

Here is a general response to your last post.

Lots of permutations of: star, diamond, quilted diamond, ABP Nappy, (one) handle.  For the logo:  mining, pickaxe, pan, pickaxe and pan, gold, credit companies, title and loan.  Shot down in all.

I don't mean to plan your Florida storm event, but how much do you like to peruse your books?

Recently, I think it was on 'The Rifleman' (Yeah, so?) where someone said, 'Nuf-Ced', with conviction.  The show was premised in 1880's New Mexico (Yeah, I know that!  Ask me about MASH.)  I can't connect the two because Mr. Nuf-Ced was making his history during prohibition.  I might have heard it in the background at some point, too.  It must not be overpriced because it hasn't sold, yet. 

I watch sunsets with my front door open while eating a veggie burrito in my comfy chair and a cool, Pacific Ocean breeze.  Unless the temperature drops below 68.  Then the doors close and the heater comes on.

ok, So you know that "ABP" would only apply to American Cut glass, correct?

What you have here is not cut, it is pressed. I'm hoping to save you some time on that one. Or perhaps I'm to late? if so sorry about that!

  It would fall into only one of 3 categories in American made glass; EAPG, Late depression era glass ( using old EAPG molds, several companies did "re-issue" a number of the old shapes, starting in the late 1950's through the late 1970's) Imperial and Indiana were among the most reproduced. or 3. Either an original EAPG (abt. 1850's -1910) piece produced for a specific advertising premium, or a re-issused pattern (50's-70's) for the same purpose. Clear as mud?

I'm glad you didn't plan my FL storm event, as now I'm just North of Atlanta GA, and it looks like we will be driving right into yet another one! ugg! As to perusing my books, how do you suppose I know "things and stuff? lol and, honestly I miss them! 

I'm extremely jealous of your "Pacific Ocean Breezes and sunsets" BTW, but I do love the Gulf and Atlantic too!

I did manage to find a few treasures along the way, once I sort out what I've got (my van is full) I'll post a few! :) 

'nuf-ced' notwithstanding! :P

Whatever the view, a body gets tired of looking at the same thing every day.  Same-same for the beach.  Locals aren't too impressed until we get king tides and big surf.

I get the EAPG and things and stuff.  I think.  My interest in this piece is the business it was promoting.

I see, I'm such a Glass Hound, I misunderstood your quest. I humbly apologize. 

I don't know if you've already discovered the following info? This may help: 


You wouldn't be the first to not understand me.

I found that information on various sites.  There are a handful of 'nuf-ced' references that are so obscure and random, I almost thought I was on a snipe hunt.  Another search got me excited for two pictures of the exact same bowl!  The exact same bowl.  Mine.

'Your Credit is Good' is such an ambiguous term it's not worth searching.  Nuf Ced, being in quotes is important.  An exclamation point changes the meaning.  A question mark.  Even a period changes the meaning. 

Soooo many questions.  Soooo many more strikes to the 'PgDn' button.

Northwood Near-Cut #12!!!  Fansupertastic!  Serge handed me Bill Edwards & Mike Carwile's book 'Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass: 1860-1930' 1999 copyright (if I err in my method of quoting the source, my apologies.)  From the description:

'...this 1906 Northwood pattern was made in crystal in a... nappy (sometimes with advertising)...'

Before finding this pattern, I found two more for salt shakers I've had on my Loch Ness monster list, as Nuf Ced was.  No valuations.  Just real good pattern identification in the book.

I'm so cool I make ice boil.

Referring back to the book from my last post (page 219):

Northwood's #13 Advertising (Near-Cut)

"This is a very nice advertising nappy, found on Northwood's #12 or Near-Cut pattern, had the pattern and advertising on the exterior.  The pattern was introduced in 1906 in a water set, table set, berry set, nappy, two handled mayonnaise dish, cake plate, oval pickle dish, and shakers.  The advertising piece is rare ad says, "Your Credit is Good - Nuf Ced." along with an anchor."

Mostly cool.  Almost mostly cool.  I still think it's a pickaxe, not an anchor.

Enough said!

AWESOME! So happy you were able to find it! Like I always say "I love a good mystery, but a solved one is better" :)

As long as there is another mystery waiting in the wings.  The thing now is an ashtray with what looks to be a burned on signature.  This will be such a random find.  And, of course, the mustard pot of yore.


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