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is there anyone out there that knows this pattern i have no idea what it is and would love to know the name any help would be appreciated 

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I'm sorry Katherina, I'm not knowledgeable in modern or Mexican made glassware. So I'm no help here. :(

thank you Vicki unfortunately neither am i but i thought these were so cute i just had to get them there is a set of 4  

I've looked at many sets of fortecrista mexico glass cups, different colors and patterns and NONE of them have pattern names. Avg price of 4 cups is $5.00 USD each.  Replacements.com doesn't carry them. Many ads call them "depression glass" but I'm a doubting Tom.

There is a simple test for DG. 

Get a DG cup that you know is DG.

With thumb and forefinger gently rub glass of the known DG cup; feels soft and warm.

Now rub unknown DG same way; if it feels cold and hard, it's not DG.

Do this with your eyes shut until you can remember the feel.  Sure saves a lot of time. And money.

i did try the finger test and it did have a warm feel to it I have yet to find much on Fortecrisa glass at all I have seen a lot of people calling it DG but am also unsure even with the finger test thank you for the information Tom as always I appreciate it 

I went to an auction. They had about forty DG sherbets. I examined them and by touch pulled out (separated them) 16 fakes. The auctioneer saw me and came running over yelling at me. I explained that the 16 were fakes. He had Security usher me outside.  About a dozen antique dealers witnessed this and left too.  Knowing how DG feels can save you a lot of time and money.

Another easy test for carnival glass is to hold the item up to the sun or a bright light. The different colors in genuine CG will maintain their colors, but in fake CG the colors all wash out and become one color.

i love learning new things and behold you have yet taught me something i dint know about carnival glass ... the auctioneer ushering you out must of know there was that many fakes ..i go to a lot of auctions and many times i see fake DG being said to be real and fake BMP items all the time I do love finding different pieces and one day hope to own my own place of sale .. I am constantly reading things on different pieces and learning how to identify this or that item it is all very exciting to me I have learned a lot from this group too Thanks again Tom 


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