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Caithness Scotland, signed, discontinued   "Rhythm N Blues" in original box with soft drawstring.pouch included with Caithness on it. Blue music notes

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Congratulations, it's bedazzling! Sherry

I collect paperweights and cobalt is my fav color.  Nice find.

I looked up Caithness (Glass Shop), Scotland and they sell thousands of paperweights.  Replacements.com (link) has 14 pages and each page has around 200 each.  Prices range from $7.99 to $280. new in box. (a few have NO box).


Yes, Tom.  I did not buy a pig in a poke. checked it out first and believe I got good price on this one.  My newest, newest is an Orrefors MAJA, WHICH I got reasonable also. Can't afford the $1000's.  I do have a David Salazar, would love to have a Cathy Richardson "Seasons" (all 4!)

I bought 9 "Orient & Plume" PWs for $1.00 each.  Like a dummy I turned around and sold them.  Made a bundle, but now I wish I'd kept them. 

New one to me, Tom.  I looked up Orient & Plume.  Will watch.  this is a link to Cathy Richardson's autumn egg paperweight, there are 4, all the seasons, I covet them.


Oops, my bad.  Not Plume, try Flume instead.  Those are street names and shop is on the corner of Orient Street and Flume Street.  A flume was made of wood and carried water to process gold or carry logs out of the mountains.

Here's a few to drool over.


Yes, Flume, I had found the right ones

A flume can also be a natural phenomenon.  If you google flume NH you will see many references to the one in NH.

"The Flume is a natural gorge in Franconia Notch NH extending 800 feet at the base of Mt. Liberty. The walls of granite rise to a height of 70 to 90 feet  and range from 12 to 20 feet apart.http://www.nhtourguide.com/tripreports/flume_franconia_notch_nh_jun...

Oh it's beautiful Bonnie! I've tried to address the issue I have with "discussions" up here on my page. I just never get notified of them, and therefore, I don't respond. 

Please, if anyone needs my help, please put a note or pic or something/anything in the main discussion, so I can find you.

Thanks! Vic


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