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Is there a place on this site to list my depression glass collection for sale?

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You can list it anywhere you want. "Forums" go off the record in a day or two. I'd suggest starting a GROUP entitled "Depression Glass For Sale"; in that way it will stay up longer. You can use links to your store also. There are a lot of Sellers on IAO and very few buyers. A lot of the Sellers have stores with customers looking for DG.
Tom... I am discouraging starting groups for the purposes of selling one's collections...but you do bring up a related point which I would like the members of this group (Glass Hound) to discuss .concerning differnet types of Glassware Groups (Depression Glass, Dewey Vaseline) ..... I would like to ask members of this group if we should splinter off different groups on glassware or make types of glassware, Forums Discussions uwithin this group..Keeping all the glass issues together?.I'm inclined to keep all glassware together, but I defer to members ofr Glass Hound for their input.

So that Glass Hound could have a new forum on "Depression Glass" or "Dewey Vaseline Glass" instead of separate groups on these topics and similar ones.

Glass Hounds...please toss these questions around and let me know. Dianne, Editor

Hi Ann, Your glass collection is just beautiful and to learn more about posting prices, you may gain a great deal of help by clicking on the tab that says Help Desk. It has tons of good information that work right the first time.
I know that everyone will appreciate seeing your collection.
The tab is located at the top right on your screen.
I'm selling what's left of my mom's Madrid Depression Glass made by Federal Glass Company, circa 1932 – 1938.

So, if any of you sellers have a customer looking for these pieces...here they are!
I don't have room, it has mostly been packed away in boxes. I use to be a dealer and obviously a collector. Did you see any hobnail in the pics you were interested in? The big ruffled bowl and platter are beautiful. I had hoped to sell the entire collection for one price but may consider parting some of it out.
Hi, Ann.

the place to sell is here.
Perhaps you could provide a somewhat detailed listing of your items, and if possible a count of all items.
pictures of the entire groupings, with each picture providing details of the highlight pieces would be of help.

I know it's a lot of work, but i'm looking at the purchase as a lot. I would expect to see about $10,000 retail in order to meet your asking price. To determine that, need the info.
AND you get to pack them all for shipping ?? We can work out something if the deal clicks.

It might be easier to send me a direct sheet to info@greenspotantiques.com if you prefer. or make the info public here if you like.
WOW! I'M IN SHOCK! At a local yard sale I just bought 3 serving pieces, a deep vegetable bowl, a 3-way relish bowl and an oval meat platter; all in Hocking (1935-38) pink Depression Glass "Lace Edge" or "Open Lace" for $5.00!. These are in Gene Florence's Depression Glass books. My book is from 1986 and the relish was listed at $40. I also got a purplized EAPG syrup pitcher for 50 cents and a cranberry glass vase for $2.00.

No pictures yet.
Tom.....what a find.......doesn't happen too often these days....Dianne


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