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This is the second piece we been struggling with and with the same problems. This one seems to be cut glass and is an 8 inch cake plate/compote. Any help identifying or putting a name to the motifs, age, maker would be a big help and greatly appreciated.

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Hi Bill, What a gorgeous piece! Where did you find it? Inherited or? State/Country is always a help to. 

I like to begin at the beginning, if possible, because,( especially) if it's a family piece, knowing the who what and wheres can really help us to ID our glass.

I'm fairly certain that I've seen this pattern before. Your pictures are lovely, but I'm having a very hard time seeing the side, top and base views. I'd also like to see the underside.

You must be very artistic? With the lovely black ground here. However, for me a simple white/grey ground, in natural or very good/well lit space would be much easier to see.

Have you looked really well, over the base for any markings/signatures? Often these very old pieces do have markings but they are extremely difficult to see.

As far as "cut" if you run your hand across the design, if cut, it should feel like it could easily cut your hand/fingers. Most old cut glass is rather sharp and very heavy. What would your guestimate be on weight? You gave us a 8" dia. what is the height? 

All that happy stuff said, My first guesses would be: 1. American, 2. Brilliant period, 3. (Probably) wheel cut, on a mouth blown blank. Makers might be: 1. Libby, 2. Hawks 3. possibly J. Hoare or Pairpoint.

I know I've seen this pattern, I remember it! because it is so unusual, which always attracts my Glass Hound eye - LOL

 I don't yet know what your level of glass collecting/knowledge is?, so I'm leaving you an excellent article from the American Cut Glass Association: http://www.cutglass.org/AboutCutGlass.htm and this is very good too: 


There are also some excellent and FREE websites that may help you ID all your glass as well. We have a ton of good links in the upper left side of the group page. And/or this one is awesome: http://glassloversglassdatabase.com/

Keep us posted and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

I think it's a "tazza" which is similar to a "compote".  A tazza is shallower than a compote. Cake plates have flat bottoms or trays.  The design is called a Celtic Knot.  There are many glass cos that utilize that design.


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