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After reading through other posts i am curious.
I have had for quite some years 2 vases
they measure 10 inches high
the bottom is 3 inches accross
Thanks in advance

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Hi Kath, Welcome to Glasshounds! I am afraid your pics are very blurry. From what I can make out, I only see one amberglass vase? It looks to be "Flashed" - that is the amber color is fired on, not in the glass? If so, It is probably a c. 1970 piece by Viking Glass or possibly Indiana glass co. It would be considered Vintage or Depression era. I did not see a second piece? If you can post better pics I may be able to better help you. Vicki
Hi thanks,
i took more photos but when zooming in on the computer they still look blurry !
the other piece has a wider range of pattern , i will post it .I get what you mean by flashed that is what my initial impression was ,The color fades dramatically at the bottom .The first one i posted has got a chip on the very top and still with my glasses on i cannot see clear glass,its not vitally important just i was going to put them on a car boot and wondered if they were worth more than 50p if you see what i mean .I personnally do not like them which is why they have been in a cupboard for years.But thankyou for your help
heres the pics
Hi Kath, pretty vases. Hold one of them up to a bright light or the sun. If the different colors disappear it isn't carnival glass. If the colors remain true, it is. In my humble opinion any glass that is chipped has no value.
Thanks tom ..when holding them to the light the only colour i see is orange so i guess they are flashed..
Will put them on this weeks car boot .As one has a chip quite rightly worth nothing ..
Thanks to all it was worth knowing although they are not carnival .

Just going through old posts and saw this. Thought I would add more accurate information for anyone else coming across this. These are old marigold carnival glass vases made by Imperial in the Ripple pattern. The iridescent marigold color is fired onto a clear glass base. Marigold carnival glass is the only color of carnival glass that is done this way. All other colors have tin salts baked onto a colored base glass. The tin salts are what creates the iridescent sheen of carnival glass. Tom is correct that a chip in common carnival glass pieces makes them pretty much worthless.


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