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Hi there.  Me, again.  Two more.

I thought the first might be 'Cube' or 'Cubist' by Jeannette.  No bueno.  The second I thought to be some or the other pineapple.  Even tried a few palm variations.  Again, no bueno.

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The first one looks like it might be "American" by Cambridge Glass co. The other possibility (depending on quality of glass) Is Hocking "Cube" ( it think it's just cube?). I would also call it a Sherbet.

Now the second one appears to be EAPG, There are many, many makers of this old glass, so it's not always easy to find the patterns. The good news is we have quite a few good ID sites in that list, upper left of the group page. Just as a "Guess" I'd start looking under Imperial or Indiana. That site you were on the other day "20th century glass" is it? I think has a very good reference for EAPG also. That is (Early American Pattern Glass), 1850 - 1920.  in case you didn't already know that? :)                                                                                                                                                 Just as a FYI, several of the old EAPG patterns were reissued by the original makers as well as others that had purchased the old molds starting in the 1950's running roughly into the 1980's. The best way to tell is the way the glass looks. The old stuff generally has a "Smokey" look to it, and a different sort of feel to it as well. Most EAPG was Soda glass ( cheap) but some was actually "Flint" glass, which has the look and feel of Crystal. ( Clear as Mud?) LOL

This is not cube/cubist as the foot doesn't have a sunburst pattern on it; it is Fostoria Americana.

The other one is Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) circa 1880-1920; don't know the pattern.

That is correct Tom, thanks! I have no idea where I got "Cambridge" LOL! "Fostoria" made "American" Duh!

I'm tired, getting ready to go on a road trip, so the mind aint working proper today!

Vicki your "bad days" are better than my "good days"; have a nice trip.

BTW, Scott there are an estimated 3,000 different EAPG patterns.  Go online, EAPG, and click on Images; good luck.  You might try "palm leaves and pineapples".

Veeeeeery close, Tom.  I've used palm and pineapples alone, not combined.  I'm feeling like I've seen 3001 patterns, looking for what I've posted and a few others.

Thanks Vicki and Tom.

I was thinking it was American, also, Tom.  The difference I see is a definite delineation between the upper smoothe bit and the cubes.  Mine has the same hexagonal stem and smoothe foot.

I might have to concede this is a repro, even with the tint.  Still not 100% one way or the other.

How cool is it when you find a pattern you've been keeping in the back of your mind, while looking for something else?  Darn cool, I say!  Darn cool.

If anyone is still following this,  there is a pattern called 'teasel' by U.S. Glass.  It is similar to the second piece.  Similar.  There is a piece a little closer to mine that comes up as a celery/spooner when searching for teasel.  When I click the link on the image, I'm told I'm looking at 'feather swirl', or 'solar'.  The image is neither of those.  I get the same image when searching for 'long leaf teasel'.  More research, although I think it's going to be LLT.


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