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And another...

Cased glass.  Hand blown.  Ground pontil.  It's Ruba Rombic in nature, but isn't.  I was also thinking Eastern art glass.  Size isn't important, here.

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what makes it cased?

Two layers of glass.  If you look at the bottom of the piece, you can see the base is clear.  The amethyst color is blown inside the glass.

Do you have a shot of the base?

How's this...

Oh My! So you've got three of them eh? 

Ok, here goes: Blown art glass is NOT an easy thing to ID with very little exception.

The only way I've been successful in ID'ing same, is to find similar or identical work that HAS been signed by an artist and/or attributed to one. Not Good News, I know!

But, that's the facts as I see them. Now, that being said, They appear to be very Modern in their form, ( Ruba Rombic-eque for sure!) it looks like they are of Quality? ( you will need to assess that), There are "Controlled bubbles" in the technique here, And you also have a polished pontil, that appear very similar on all three. 

That's what you have to go on. I would start with well known Italian art glass artists. If that fails, then move on to well known studio artists. And so on. 

There are some nice online catalogs of many glass artists both here in US, Europe and Italy, so that may help. But, I'd also check completed auctions from auction houses that do publish results.

I didn't ask, but I'm sure you've already checked thoroughly for a signature or marking right?

I've looked.  No love.

Used my adjectives all over the place.  I have them sitting on my coffee table.  The more I looked, the more they looked like large crystals.  Say... amethyst crystal...

So, I'm doing a little hunting around for your pieces here; I've found "BIOT" French Studio art glass that has a few things in common with yours.


and http://thumbs3.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/m06scE-TtBw6_mH2PWQSHEQ.jpg

I'm not convinced the pontil shape is the same, but the techniques are similar. 


This one is made by an artist in Finland. M. Lehtinen. I've seen some other Scandinavian artists that do similar work as well.

I've gone through "Italian, Venetian, Murano, Swedish, Norwegian, (Blenko - Specifically Erickson)" Most of the Italian and Scandinavian artists are more refined with their pieces. (Traditional, very fine edges, very controlled shapes etc). 

This tells me, that your probably looking for a more "Organic Modernist" artist.  Or "Avant Garde"  might fit too!

Ooh, good stuff!  More adjectives!!!

I have two pieces I know are 'Eastern', two unknowns, and these three.  All the pontils are the same.  I either have seven Eastern pieces or four manufacturers.  I would be happy with the former.

I've gone French, Italian, American, Blenko, Eastern.  Cubist, geometric, crystal shaped, flat sided.  You mentioned controlled bubbles.  90% of the pieces I see have more symmetric bubbles.

I've had to cut back on my computer time, a bit, because I have the hands of a lifelong computer user.  I'll check these out later.

No arguments here.  It's more thinking with my keyboard.

Adjectives can be helpful little things! :)

No problem on time needed, Unfortunately, My Mom has broken her hip. This is a bad deal, and looks like it will take a lot of time. I'll try to check in regular though. 

Scott, how many sides do the crystals have? And how big are they?  Pictures make them look huge, much larger than any amethyst crystals I've ever seen.  Looks like glass to me.  A lot of cased glass came from Bavaria.

Hi Tom,

Dimensions are 11-1/2", 9", and 4".

The small one has 21 sides.  Amber has 30ish.  The large also has 30ish.  They are not crystals but resemble them.


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