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Tips When Shopping At A Flea Market


what would you tell a newbie about going shopping at a Flea Market? Share your tips and experiences here in this forum.



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 GET THERE EARLY; as a shopper and a dealer it always amazes me but the real action is over by 10am.

 Just my opinion but the places that have higher set up fees always have more experienced dealers and higher prices. I avoid "shows" when shopping no real deals.

 Use your laptop/Ipad etc.  to get online prices. I always research when not 100% sure of value and can count on one hand how many times I have lost money in 10+ years of dealing.

 Buy tools from glass dealers and glass from tool dealers etc.

V alerie, the laptop is a great idea...or a smart phone....I'm always so rushed when I'm wheeling and dealing...but using a laptop or ipad is a great idea. More to schlepp though? Dianne

yes get there when they are setting up early, most of my $$'s are spent in the 1st hour, then if $$ left or time I go back over it and cruis slowly to see if you missed anything or they brought something else out of there vehicle. I have scored a few good ones on the recruise thru.


bring $1's, 5's 10's and other amounts but lots of time they do not have change, I do not want to waste time running to the connsession stand to buy a pop to get change, time wasted,


bring your own tote bag, as some do not have any bags to pack your purchase into


Craig Phillips

B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware


Craig, very good advice about the smaller bills.....you need to be ready to make a deal easily.



Have patience and have fun!! I find treasures at the end of the day too, but if you want to quit early, go for it!! Not one person can get it all.....and folks do bring out things as the day goes on.... Don't judge a book by the cover!!! It applies at the market too.  Happy Hunting! p.s. Always remember that the item belongs to the seller first and it is his to price how he wants and negotiate how he can.....some folks don't want to budge on a price and others just want to clear things out! That is one of the joys of the market.  If you don't like the price and cannot get a good communication going......be respectful and keep on moving.....while you are wasting time there you might be missing something up ahead...it is all a matter of luck, patience and timing!  (wear comfortable shoes! and layers) nancesnostalgia

If you are looking for an item of furniture that would fit in a particular spot, you must have the exact dimensions and bring your own tape measure.  Also, don't count on muscle supplied by the seller.  Bring your own furniture mover, husband or boyfriend, will do just fine.  Flea markets can hold items for a short time, but it is always good to get the items out as soon as possible.  If you are shopping in a place as big as Canton, Texas (150+ acres) and have the seller keep your purchases while you continue to shop, you may not be able to find him when you are ready to go home.

Also, for the dickerers, don't get the price down to a $1.00 and pay with a $100.00 bill.  For crying out loud!!!!!  Bring change!

i have a few things that i do at a flea market

1 always start at the furthest point from your car then when you have tons of stuff to carry and are getting tired you are closer to your car rather than at the faraway point ( or at least halfway back to the car) i hate being far from my car  and humping  bags and heavy stuff all the way back to the car

2 bring small bills as a dealer i know i hate to use up all of my ones on the first few sales so as a buyer i try to be considerate

3 i do not ask for a bargain/ if one  item is less than 3 dollars   all dealers have to make a profit and on a cheap item they are making so little usually

4 always try to bundle items   pick the thing/s that you want and put other stuff with it to get some chum ( extras to sell)    i make much of my money as a seller from the chum that i have bought in a package deal

5  before i start shopping (even though all is calling my name ) i go to the bathroom so that i am not dying once my addicted shopping starts  it stinks to have to jump up and down when i am trying to make a deal or hunt

6  keep a car supply bag   with a  flashlight ( for early starts) sweat shirt   gloves   water  crackers  bags packing materials - paper and a box( some sellers  pack my stuff badly  i hate when it is broke by the time i get home )

7 lighten up your handbag  no need to carry stuff you wont need

8 dont bring your pet dog or bird people are afraid of animals  its not fair to them or the animals

9 be patient  wait your turn to ask the dealer a question  if they are busy always be polite

10  keep extra hidden cash for that special thing that is not on your list ,costs tons and  is unresistable i do not like to leave get to an atm and then have to repark etc

11 try not to pay in change unless the price includes change ( the other day a lady gave me all change for a five dollar item  yuck i didnt even count it )

12 talk  ask  look

13 expect anything and everything   you never know what is for sale and what you may buy and have to fit into your car and the interesting people you may meet



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