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Probly the best know is the Shipshewanna, Indiana, flea market and auction mostly new stuff in the flea, and never know what in the auction, this is right in the heart of Amish country. Usually for me shipshe is a nice day off, to tour and do the rounds, touristing, and see what is selling in the crafts and quilts, good chicken dinner, and good baked goods. tuesday and wednesday flea, auction wednesday. in the reasonable weather I think March thru Nov ?

The next one I like and have been to for about 27 years is the Kane County Flea Market, in St Charles Ill, really is an antique flea market, so any thing is possible, I have bought tons out of there for years, as well as sold the locals some of our products. It is a once a month flea, on the first sunday of the month with the saturday before, March thru Dec.

and lots of little local fleas that somedays (most) you spend more for breakfast than on stuff. but alas it is good exercise walking around the grounds.

Lots of other outside antique shows ( some call flea markets) thru out the midwest rate a nod.

Allegan, Michigan last sunday of the month April thru Sept.

Elkhorn, Wisconsin, I belive is the 3rd sunday,April thru Sept

Ann Arbor, Michigan, 3rd sunday March thru October.

Springfield, Ohio, 3rd sunday, plus a couple of 2 day extravaganzes a year, I think year round

Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium
Original and reporduction hardware
for furniture and homes

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Craig...great post...thanks.... I wonder if you would help me out and input these Flea Markets in the Event section...I always add photos too. in the Event section.( I get them from the promoters websites) Thanks Dianne


The best is Rogers , Ohio!! my favorite place on earth, a Disneyland for adults.

I have bought and/or set up at all of these. Trader Jacks is a picking/buying paradise mainly but all of the rest are good selling venues as well as a shoppers market if you go early and stay late.


Caesar Creek Markets   


73 & I-71 Exit 45
7763 St. Route 73 W., Wilmington, OH 45177
Customers: 15,000 per weekend
Directions: Exit 45 off of I-71, 1 block west of the exit


Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market

 1289 Edison St NW Hartville, OH 44632.



Open all year Monday and Thursday 8am - 4pm and Saturday 8am - 5pm. Ample blacktop parking. Average attendance 10,000 (more in summer and less in winter). 125 indoor stores and up to 800 outdoor seasonal vendors. 2 covered pavilions. A wide open clean market. All spaces are on concrete or blacktop. A variety of items from fresh meats, cheeses, local produce to antiques, collectibles, clothing, new and vintage home decor, toys and sports memorabilia. Mondays and Saturdays are typically the busier of the days. The biggest days of the year are Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. Outdoor spaces start at $10.00. Tables available for $5.00. Marion Coblentz, Manager 330-877-9860.


Rogers Community Auction & Open Air Market 


45625 State Route 154 West. 8 miles east of Lisbon. Hours: 7am until dark. Large commercial market with average summer attendance of 20,000. Approximately 900 dealers. Outdoor and indoor market. Market has great variety of items. Excellent all around market with a fun, upbeat atmosphere. This is a great market for the dealer, shopkeeper or decorator - an excellent "source" market. Good food, restrooms, h/a, and lots of walking. Auction starts at 6 pm, (general retail consignment auction). Space from $12. c/p Rogers Open Air Market. 45625 SR #154, 44455. (330) 227-3233.









The Washington Antiques Fair, formerly the Antiques Fair at the Meadows


Flea-Tique at Bull Creek



Located at Tour-Ed Mine, Tarentum, PA

Route 28, Exit 14, see directions below

2011 dates:

May 15, June 19, July 17, Aug. 21, Sept. 18, Oct. 16


Always the third Sunday of the months May through October


Trader Jack’s Flea Market





Thanks for information :)


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