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The art of haggling: Thought you might be interested in a feature which appeared in the January 29th, 2009 Home Section of the New York Times called "How Low Will They Go" about a reporter who goes "haggling" in some major furniture stores in New York City. She also interviews experts on the art of haggling.http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/29/garden/29haggling.htm

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I do the Garage in NYC and in the last year it seems to be a sport for the young knownothings to come in and offer you 25% of what your posted price is......without thinking about how insulting and how angry I can become.....I have never seen a less classy group than the young ones in their twenties and thirties in NYC lately. Most of the older customers at least have some class....is there some 'fleamarket diva' out there telling everyone to make insulting offers to dealers? I do not deal in junk and my stuff costs. Vent over


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