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Do You Have A Booth In An Antique Mall? Tell Us Where You Are and About Your Booth and Mall

Do You Have A Booth In An Antique Mall? Tell Us Where You Are

I'll start off this discussion. I have a booth called Kitsch n Stuff at The Collinsville Antiques Company in New Hartford, Ct our mall is a HUGE multi dealer antique emporium with a popular in house retro cafe. This area of CT has lots of shops along route 44 going through Canton, CT

I sell retro kitchen wares.

Tell us about you booth and malls. Post pictures!

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I have a HUGE booth in Mr. Darby's Antique and Collectible Emporium in North Lima, OH.  We have over 85 vendors, plus consignors.   This little town has several antique shops to choose from with several more in the North Lima Business complex.  If you are in the area, do stop buy and share your love for antiques and a cup of coffee!


Nice displays, Kathleen.  If I ever come to North Lima, OH. I would most defiantly visit this antique mall.  Love the grouping of Lady Head Vases.

I have 2 booths, in Mill Creek Antique Mall, Bakersfield, California.  I love the treasure hunt for items for my booths.  I enjoy all vintage items and try to have a variety in my booths for sell.  I keep my booth clean and try to change at least a couple of selves once a week.  There are also 9 other antique malls with in walking distance of each other.  I enjoy shopping in an antique mall just as much as having my own booths to work in.  This yellow potting bench is my favorite display piece.  I bought it at another antique shop because it display so nice.  It it not for sale, I just love it. 

I what a nice surprise, coming back to my computer and seeing these charming pictures. I hope more members will take a few moments and share pictures and info about their malls and booths!
Great job gals, Kathleen and Shirley.

Hello Dianne. I have been at the Western Trails Antique mall in Bandera, Texas for a little over a year. It has 22,000 square feet of booth space. My wife and I have 8 booths there. We sell everything from primitives and vineyard items to antique English furniture. My wife loves old cameos. Bandera is the self- proclaimed cowboy capitol of Texas...right in the middle of the state. Ya'll come on down!

Steve, wow that is allot of booths to keep filled with your awesome treasures.  Where do you hunt for your treasures, in Bandera, yard sales or flea markets or out of town?

I just went to 2 church rummage sales today hunting and oh my I got some nice things.  One church sale let you in at 6 a.m. for $5.  I did and it was really worth the "early bird" price.  Only about 20 people were there at that time and so much stuff to hunt through.  At 7 o'clock the crowd was let in.  It was just leaving with my treasures.  Here is my finds all for $20. and that includes my $5.  "early Bird".  I've been looking up, cleaning and tagging things all day.  Awesome work! 


Eight booths WOW that's a big job. Your booths looking amazing. Love lots of photos. You can also,post on your My Page so that I can feature them in the Main page slide show. This wonky software only allows me to feature photos posted on a member's My Page. So I always suggest to members to post in multiple places.

Thanks fir sharing.

I see you carry our products! Thank you!


I am a consignor at Marietta Antique Mall in Marietta, Georgia.
I partner with a friend and we just celebrated our first year anniversary there, selling in a booth we call Two Vintage Gals.  We focus on mid-century items, but mix it up when we find something we like. I love kitchen items and fun barware from the era, linens, furniture and home decor. Other specialties are vintage jewelry, clothing, hats and accessories. 


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