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In the 1970s & 80s, New York, New Jersey, and PA were rife with people's old barns that had become obsolete and begun filling up with the brick-a-brack, salvage and mementos of by-gone eras.  Our area here in northern NJ was famous for these old barns full of stuff when I was growing up, and my mother used to take us to every barn, estate auction, rummage sale, and yardsale she could find.  

Well those days are gone, and we are the last of a dying breed-  my family has been hoarding and collecting antiques and collectibles since the early 1980s, filling up a huge building that my parents had the foresight to fix up.  

My mother at one time had hopes of turning the place into an antique mall, which never fully materialized.  What we are left with today is pretty much an amalgamation of a couple generations of the family collections, a large 3-story historic stone and wood-frame barn with over 6,000 square feet of antiques and collectibles.

You can find everything from furniture to glassware to salvage, and everything in between.  We have sold chrome art deco department store clothing racks.  We have a horse-drawn wagon from the Stroudsburg Railroad.  Everything AND the kitchen sink!  Literally...  we have a kitchen farm sink for sale!  haha  

The building had been closed for about 15 years.

Last year we went into the barn and began sorting, cleaning, organizing, lighting, and we are now open to the public on weekends, Friday through Sunday, from 11am until it gets dark.

What we have here is somewhere in between estate sale and thrift store.  We have sold wholesale to several dealers who came in with vans, but we have also had local people simply looking for something interesting, and a lot of individual collectors have come for very specific items. And some poeple come simply to furnish their homes with things that are unique and stylish. Many of the things you might find here have been gathering dust since the mid 1980s.  I have been unpacking boxes with rummage sale price stickers made of masking tape packed in newspaper dated 1987!  

Every time something sells, that gives us space to unpack more.  We have more stuff here than we are able to put out for display at one time.

There is so much to see here that people are sometimes overwhelmed and need to come back multiple times to take it all in and choose something.  We are located on South Main Street in Stewartsville NJ, about 50 minutes west of New York, and 5 minutes from the Delaware River at Easton Pa.  One mile from exit 4 off I-78 westbound, or exit 3 from eastbound lanes.

Our ultimate goal is to downsize to the point that my mom can sell the property, and retire out of state. The auctioneers we contacted said they do not want the place because it was "too much" and we not get any $ for our collections that way.  So we have taken on the task ourselves, after 30 years finally opening the building to the public the way my mother had originally envisioned in 1986.  

Even the buildings are for sale!!  anyone want to buy an antique mall?!  ;)  

For more info, call 267-970-5221 or e-mail shipkitsch at yahoo dot com.

Any recommendations from the community on how we can better advertise our sale (considering we are not a traditional shop but not really the usual estate liquidation either) are welcome.  Thanks for reading!

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