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Post you favorite small towns with antique shops and vintage stores to stroll.

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Lambertville, NJ
Little town, many shops. Parking can be a nightmare on weekends but fairly easy on non-holiday weekdays.
Charming scenery (it's right on the Delaware River, just don't walk behind the geese), late Georgian to late Victorian architecture.
Main Street is more of the Cafe, gift and Chinese repro section with the antique & art shops on the sides streets.
There are 2 large "multi-dealer" shops with "Peoples Store" being the largest. The other one I... just can't now recall the name. Oh well, it's only a block away from "Peoples", you can't miss it. These stores are big Woolworth's sized stores (I hope everyone understands that reference) with Peoples being 3 floors.
The remaining antique stores in town are small shops. Some are mom & pop stores, the rest are small co-ops.
Take a walk across the Delaware River bridge into New Hope, PA. New Hope used to be THE destination for antiquers not too many years ago. Now it's simply a very quaint background for taking pictures of Aunt Daisy & the kids. There is nothing in 98% of the New Hope shops that you can't find in any shopping mall in the U.S. and the mall might be less expensive.
At any rate... take a full day to visit Lambertville and New Hope and you won't quite see it all.
Gregg is the spirit of this forum discussion can you add some photos of the village? Thanks Dianne
I'm really looking forward to the photos....this destination is on my list to visit. Dianne
How nice of you to invite me for tea.
It's obvious that you've never had coffee.
Isn't that an arrogant statement?
What is obvious here is that I misunderstood the topic of this fourm. Somehow I got the idea this was about personal preferences. It never occurred to me that I would need to argue my position as valid.
As for never being in 12 West Mechanic Street, I assure you that my purchase there not long ago will be my last.
By the way, I operate no business in Lambertville. I am in shops in the Lehigh & Berks counties of Pennsylvania. Your post is merely self promotion. Fair enough. Carry on.

(note to Diane: feel free to delete this post, you'll hear no complaints from me. In addition, feel free to delete me from iantiqueonline, if you see fit. I haven't the inclination to defend my preferences or my years of experience.)
Oh wow Gregg, , this is precious...thanks so much for adding this. Dianne
Thanks so much Les, Dianne
Leslie.....what are some options for where to stay...when visiting. Also are shops closed in the winter? Dianne
There is no shortage of Bed & Breakfast options in and around New Hope. There are no "motels" right in New Hope or Lambertville but not too far away there are a few "Holiday Inn Express" type places. Google or Yahoo Flemington, NJ or Lahaska, PA for motel options. I think the better B&B's in New Hope have web sites.
Since I live only 45 minutes away I never gave this a lot of thought before... can you tell?
The shops are open during the winter, with reduced hours of operation. Some of the cafes close, especially those right on the river.
Thanks Les, Dianne
Thanks Leslie for the links, Dianne


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