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I drove to Adamstown Pennsylvania a couple of years ago after seeing NON Stop ads in Antique Week. It was nonstop shops, malls and had the weather been warmer, weekend flea markets. The pricing was good and I actually was a bit overwhelmed with the variety and amounts of possibilities. This is contained within a couple of miles along 'the main drag'

:) MY GOAL is to one day do the Endless Yard Sale event. I think that a 5th state has added itself into the mix. :) Is there anyway to organize an "I Antique Online" caravan for eastern seaboard/ southern members?

The Endless yard Sale is a yearly event that occurs in late August. I think that Ohio has been added to the mix. It was originally organized to bring business to the states involved. It meanders along Highway 127, starting in Ohio and works it way all the way down to Alabama. Numerous TV specials have been done covering this yearly treasure hunting event. More info can be found by going to http://www.hgtv.com. or google "The Endless Yard Sale"

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I have dreamed of one day doing the very same thing!! Would be great to take a video camera along and keep a live journal.

Hope springs eternal! Who knows, I think an I Antique Online field trip would be really fun! We'd get to meet each other, share some of the expences, ....

:) And I'm leaving computer land now :) BECAUSE my attitude is " ENDLESS YARD SALE OR BUST"
Oh my, What a mixed emotion idea. First emotion...How terrific that would be? Second emotion, Oh my, I would have to take out a third mortgage on the house! Last....What would hubby say?


Man, video camera's add 10 lbs...oh no... I would need to lose weight!

Here is where the I (heart) IAO T-shirts come in!
:) Point out to hubby all the great man stuff he could find

The way I see it, 10 pounds in either direction isn' t going to impact how much I gained the past few years.

Official TEE SHIRTS, ... COOL!!!

How? It's only April, we've got time to figure out details.

Could you imagine a group of die hards hitting this thing en masse?

:) If we really work at it we could talk ourselves into this in a heartbeat. On my end, I would really want to do this with other people. I think it would be much more fun in a group.
I was honestly surprised by the responses. :) And have received blessings to try to take the idea further, with suggestions to put the concept forth in the main forums and the Flea market group.


I'm game and have already gotten a personal friend interested. She's into photography and is seeing photo ops.

If anyone has any ides to help flesh out this idea, .... LET ' EM FLY!

I love the "I heart I Antique Online" offiicial teeshirt idea. :) My slightly wicked reasoning is the teeshirts will help get us noticed! And absolutely love the idea of filming our pilgramage. Well there seems to be specials on TV all the time.

I am a member of a local depression glass club and they do occasional day trips via a bus. You can fit furniture on a bus. And the luggage compartments hold a ton of stuff.

If anyone has ANY ideas about logistics, ...

How would we coordinate to meet up?
Bus vs carpools?

:) And since most of us sell, it does seem to me that there would be some serios tax write offs to be had to help offset the cost.

Gotta hit the post office today and its picture taking day, so I'll be back later.

I say, LET's DO IT !!!!!!!
Hi all!

I have begun another thread on this, as suggested, :) by some of the powers that be. Here's a link to the updated Endless Yard Sale Or Bust !


If you get a chance, try to pop in. Any and all ideas, information and inputs will be greatly appreciated!!!

I dream of going too, but I am not licensed to drive a semi, which I would need to return all my finds home in!


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