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It seems to me that garage sale shoppers are a lot more particular than they were even a few years ago. I have lovely original acrylic paintings and if there's a microscopic chip or scuff mark on the frame, nobody wants them. I also have a home weather station (temp, humidity and pressure gauge). One man stopped and looked at it, the checked it against the readings of the local weather bureau using his cell phone and wouldn't buy it because the barometer was 0.02 points off!

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Another thing that mystifies me is that people don't see signs and price tags. I put a sign on the front post of the house saying that here is more on the porch, but I constantly have to yell out to people that start walking away without coming on the porch. It's not a little 3 x 5 card either - it's a full-size sheet written in black magic marker. I also have some printouts of items that are small and valuable with descriptions and prices so I don't risk putting them out where they can easily "disappear". However, hardly see anyone look at the prints. Price tags are totally invisible and I almost always have to show them to people. I'm beginning to think shoppers should have seeing eye dogs. Or is it because they DON'T expect to see signs and printouts that they don't see them (like the old adage that if you hear hoof-beats, you think of horses, not zebras)?


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