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A man stopped at my sale today and saw some antique egg beaters. He asked how much and I said $5 each. He said "No! No! No! I'll give you $1 for all of them. I responded that they were antiques - some has a 1912 date on them or had an unusual mechanism (see photo). He said "I don't believe in 'antiques'. I'm just looking for something for the kids to play with." Now it struck me odd that someone would give their kids an eggbeater to play with. How does it strike you?

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Lillian you have to learn that people will say anything, and I do mean anything, to get what they want at a price THEY want.....they have no shame and don't care.  You just have to be firm and try and come up with a nice flippy answer, like "I never let my kids play with antiques, they would get ruined .....how do you think they lasted all this time?"  You would not believe the things people tell me on a weekly basis about why they are only going to ;ay $$ for what they want and when they start naming their price instead of asking nicely to negotiate, they are off my radar and I just let them go.  I don't need and cannot afford to start selling my client's items for 10 cents.....I'd be out of business in no time.  Good luck out there because I have found it (at least in my area) that people are getting worse and worse in this regard and you almost have to just let it run off your back.....easy for me to say, as sometimes I am just fuming at the things they say. And many people are not only stupid, but they are rude and downright mean.  If they get mean to me or my staff, they are asked to leave and never come back.

I've never seen a year where people claim that they are so short on money. Makes me wonder why they bother to stop an an estate sale. One woman owes me over $140 for items she said to hold for her with a $5 deposit and a promise to "pick it up sometime this coming week". Another had me reserve about $50 of items with no deposit and said she's be back today at 10am. She never came back, so at 11am I put the things she set aside back out in the sale.

@Lillian - I NEVER "hold" anything for anyone! This is important! If they don't have the money, they can go to the bank and come back - that's it! Just don't do it! Your just missing other opportunities to let others buy your items.

And, anyone that would let a young kid play with an eggbeater is seriously deranged - LOL

I think a few of those beaters should be a bit higher - I would have priced them at around $8 - $10 for the red wood handle and the marked one. Then let them "offer" $5 - Remember, you can always go down in price!

It's disappointing that I haven't been able to sell any of my aunt's original paintings for more than $25 and I know when she was alive she has prices on them in the hundreds of dollars range.  I also have a 7" long, die cast metal, model of a 1967 Volkswagen "Beetle" (see photo). I have a $10 price on it an no one has offered me more than $3. Today a man picked up a cute teapot and asked me how much. I said $1 and he put it back on the table. I mean - is $1 going to break anyone? What seems to be selling this year with no questions or arguments is art pottery such as Van Briggle, Roseville and other similar items . The two biggest complaints I have is that I don't have prices on everything (I try but somehow the price tags disappear) and there is not good parking (I live on the bust main street of town and there are no pull-offs or driveways in the front of houses on my block). Yesterday I was inside with a middle-ages couple when my doorbell rang. A local police officer was standing there and asked if the car out front belonged to anyone shopping at my sale. HE made them move the car citing that it was "impeding the normal flow of traffic." I see the police cruiser go by several times today, but I didn't see him making anyone else move their vehicles and there were a lot more stopped today because it was community-wide sale day. Go figure.

Lillian,  Quit being a sucker for these people.  Anyone wanting an item held - Tell them they can come back, when they have the money, if it is not sold before then.  As far as the man & the egg beaters, I guess I would have just laughed at him & told him to go to another yard sale & buy his kids some $1. toys & walked away.  People want anything they can get for nothing & that is the way they play the game.  Don't fall for any of it.  It will save you a lot of frustration & aggrivation.  


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