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I am not your typical ebay store I normally sell 4-5 items a week that average $250.  I have been a silver power seller since my third month of selling 10 years ago and I was a TOP SELLER until they started this new program. Due to a very strange customer who left me a neutral and blamed me for the U.S. mail being slow. ( i got it out in 1 day)

With-in 1 month I went from top seller to the bottom and lost my power seller status which in 10 years has NEVER happened! At the same time I still retained a 100% rating. I then went the next 7 weeks without making a single sale!!! Ebay claimed they had nothing to do with positioning, that sales were down all around yet we know that positioning has everything to do with your ranking and if you are not on page 1 people don't visit you. Two months later I got back my status and my sales started to come back.. hmmmm??? amazing but according to ebay that has nothing to do with ranking,,,just coincidence right????

My business is such that if a single customer leaves me a single"1","2".  "3" in this new system percentage wise it knocks me out top seller instantly. 

Have you looked at how you get defaults? If someone files a return. I have no fault returns but some people don't bother to read or, don't get it, or just want to abuse the system so they file anyway and I get a default AND pay return shipping. That's just one of the many wrongs!

So far this holiday season is looking like a real snoozer for me! I really hope it picks up because ebay really screwed me and I have had almost everything on SALE below my cost!



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