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Occasionally Ebay buyers meet the  Angry Seller.  Such a seller is Jeffrey Rose of todaytreasurersjeffrey.   Jeffrey takes it as a personal affront to his integrity is a buyer dares to ask a question. Jeffrey will not respond to the question, but simply put the questioner in his blocked bidders list.  The same is true if a potential buyer wants to negotiate  with Jeffrey and try to get a better deal. Jeffry simply put those buyers on his blocked bidders list also.  Either the buyer buys without question or without negotiating a better deal, or Jeffry will not sell to them.   This is the type of Seller Ebay does not need.   A seller who purposely blocks buyers just for asking a question, is a useless Seller.   Myself, I would not spend a penny of my money on any eBay item being sold by Jeffrey Rose of todaystreasurersjeffrey.   It is simply a precious waste of my time

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