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There have been some great dos and donts for selling on eBay from experienced eBay sellers on this discussion board in the last few days. What other great advice do you have? I have a RubyLane shop that is ever expanding as I get/make time to list the inventory I have been buying and plan on taking my business into an eBay store and maybe another venue or two in 2011. I have sold on ebay off and on for years in what I call an internet garage sale, but I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and advice for a full-blown store. Please share!

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paying for a higher level $50 store is only a good idea financially if you have 200+ fixed price listings, otherwise the $15 level is fine.

i make about 1/3 of my sales from "bin" store format and more at xmas, it is really worth it to stock a store with lower priced and less popular items (perffect venue for garage sale items). i made $200 while i slept to a bidder in australia a few days ago. none of my auctions ,or anybody else's, are going off at 3am so without a store she would not have even seen my items on the 1st 5-6 pages. i also get a lot of sales to dealers thru the store where i can take lower best offers on large quantities.

so my advice is list store items at all times of the day and always use the "best offer" with presets.

i make custom categories and put items in two of them to get more clicks. try categories that actual describe items like mcm, old kitchen , etc. i have a friend who lists by color and style in her store and it looks great.

All great advice!

Sounds good!!

I also love AU and other international customers, they are good and fair buyers.

Thanks for your detailed advice Valerie.

I've been hesitant to open a store as I list only 20 to 30 items a month, so it's not a lot.

But, I like what you say about listing "lower priced & less popular items."

In my case, if an item doesn't sell after 30 days, I store it away and wait for another day.

Heeding your advice I could put it in a store for a lot less money.


Thanks again.

glad to help. also there is a "sale" feature in "mark down manager" and ebay emails all of the people who have mae you a "favorite" when you make a sale. i open two windows to see watchers and anything that has a watcher get marked down 20%. i made a sale last night at 10pm and made $73 from a regular buyer and $20 from one that has not bid in a few months.

As long as there is ebay, I find that the prices are much more reasonable than other "antique" auction sites because there is so much competition. 

Other sites that charge less to list, etc... have some sellers charging crazy amounts for their merchandise.

I feel you are only going to get what someone wants to pay for the item and even if it a "signed" piece of jewelry, etc... most of the fun of buying is getting your money's worth.


So the prices have to be more competitive and thus you do get more traffic.

Good luck if you sell on ebay, you must have gorgeous antiques if you sell on ruby lane.

Thanks Janine, good thoughts and advice.  The heavy foot traffic on ebay is why I'm going to put the effort out to maintain two stores sites with mostly the same items, although Ruby Lane is more appropriate to what I sell.  Please take a look! http://www.rubylane.com/shop/susies268antiques


i think you will do very well on ebay. i have sold high end antiques for years and gotten market fair prices. i sell mostly millinery flowers now because the profit is very good and the income steady.

your primitive dipper would sell very well on ebay. also if i were you i'd look at this auction as well.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130468996074.


ebay is all about key words. find out what is "hot" and put it in your title.

Interesting...  Thanks!  One irony is that particular "vase" was part of a much larger lot and I've seen many.  But not a pair...

Absolutely beautiful.

I wish I had the space for more pottery and the dexterity it would take to not chip them.

My brother-in-law  and sister have been cutting and making extraordinary stained glass items.

He repairs church stained glass windows at times.

Thanks for sharing. 

I've tried other sites but nothing beats Ebay for traffic / exposure.  Other sites just sat there, by comparison.  Like many sellers, I have a love / hate relationship with Ebay; on the one hand, it gets results; on the other, it seems they're always coming up with new policies to make it harder on sellers and more profitable to them. 

For insurance, I no longer use Shipsaver, got burned by them a few times.  Now I use Shipcover, and no longer ship to outside the US because of problems in the past with stuff getting lost, impatient buyers, etc. 


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