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Everyone has had good advice so far on operating an eBay store. I have a few questions for the group based on your previous comments and suggestions.

1) one of you suggested putting watched items "on sale" as soon as you see someone is watching the item. How quickly do you do that? For example, if you list a new item on Monday and by Friday you have four watchers, would you put it on sale or wait until it has been listed for a period of time, and how long would you wait? How long do you leave it discounted? 1-2 days or longer?

2). When do you run sales? Weekly? Monthly?

3). Someone in this group said they see better sales at the beginning and end of the month. Would you run a sale in the middle when it's slow or during the "hot selling" days?

4). Do any of you run "flash sales", say for 24 or 48 hours on a particular category or select items?

I have lots of questions and really appreciate any advice you may have. Thanks!

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good questions.

 i check my store listings with "watchers" and then do a new sale about every 2 weeks. i make the sale last at least 10 days usually 14. there is always a sale at any given time on between 50-200 listings. my seller manager software shows that buyers click the "sale" link often so i make sure that the items on sale are varied. flash sales and short sales are not useful in my opinion because people no longer go to ebay everyday like they use to now that the vintage listings are so few.


 the "better/higher sales" at the 1st are due to seniors getting pension checks etc. i have a lot of steady repeat buyers and my middle age/still working customers actually spend more mid month after they pay mortgages etc. i have a blog, facebook, twitter, flickr etc and have a lot more personal email contact with my buyers than is usual so i know how old they are etc. i sell mostly vintage millinery flowers and so i encourage personal contact ; this is an area with lifelong repeat buyers.

 hope this helps.

Hi Susanna!  I don't have an Ebay store, I only do short-term listings, so I can't offer any advice re: running sales or discounts.  As for "watchers",  I know that as a buyer I have watched items that I really wanted but were out of my price comfort zone... and if a seller then eventually discounted to a price I was comfortable with, I have made the purchase.  So that strategy does work!  HOWEVER, there are also times where the watchers are just other sellers with the same item or curious lookie-loos wanting to see how much you will get for your item.   The problem is,  you just never know which type of watcher is watching :).   Regardless, putting the item on sale to entice certainly wouldn't hurt just in case you have someone watching who is genuinely interested.

Hopefully those who have experience with an Ebay store will chime in :).


Thanks everyone!

Hello Susanna,

I am a seller on Ebay and I find people love sales. I am in Canada but 99.9% of my sales are from the USA. Thank you USA. When times are tough (like they are right now) I slash the prices. Usually things that have been up for awhile (I feel ) have to go so I discount. Revising your listing may help to; even rewriting the title.

Hope this helps,

Anne Marie          blackvelvetvintage


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