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eBay Sellers File Antitrust Lawsuit over Feedback Policy By ina Steiner Auction Bytes


eBay Sellers File Antitrust Lawsuit over Feedback Policy

By Ina Steiner

December 23, 2010


Several sellers filed an antitrust lawsuit against eBay last week over its Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) feedback policy instituted in 2008. The lawsuit alleges that eBay's DSR
policy restrains competition between sellers within the online auctions
market to the financial benefit of eBay, and it says the policy
"undermines the ability of small auction sellers to compete with larger

The complaints in last week's lawsuit echo those leveled against eBay in public forums ever since it introduced the new system. The lawsuit alleges eBay's DSR policy hurts small sellers, and other claims include
the following:

eBay's the five-star rating system is "misleading," since buyers view a rating of three as average and a rating of four as good, but eBay requires sellers to maintain a DSR
average of 4.3 to freely operate on eBay;


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What can WE do about that? I would sign this petition...

This is very interesting, indeed! I wonder what would happen if all sellers were to "join" a lawsuit under the same heading? Would it work? It is clearly unfair, and impossible to improve your "score" with ebay's rules. It's a waiting game really, just one false move from a disgrutled customer and you crash and burn, I wish there were more viable alternatives to ebay - I'd be on that train in a minute!


BTW - you've been very busy Dianne! Thank you for all the good info! Merry Christmas!

 i think the lawsuit missed the most important factor. dsr's are inaccurate. ebay does not calculate them as they claim . i got a 1 in sales column but the same buyer (who bought 3 items) was allowed to leave 3 low ratings in the slow shipping dsr column. also my sales are calculated low every month and always in ebay's favor not mine. i have been tracking for a year. spent hours on the phone and sent hundreds of pages of proof to several ebay offices at their request.

the 20% discount is based on dsr's, ebay does not want us to have trs status! and they keep the books.


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