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 I was just in the "dispute res." topic and said that i hate shows. starting thinking.. anybody else?

 i always am shocked at the time a show or even a flea market takes vs the actual profit compared to online sales. after i added in gas, food, etc we made about $5 an hour. i have never done Brimfield but tried Jenkins and Scott's shows and several large more flea market type shows.

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I have done flea markets and found its just not worth my time and effort. Getting up in the wee hours of the morning, packing the car at night, unpacking, setting up, standing, haggling over prices, tearing down, packing car again, unpacking once home and sitting and counting the cost, nope not worth it to me!

 I have done shows for the last about 40 years, back in the day, 80-90's, we made real good money at shows, our sm home town show 2-3 thousand after purchases, big shows up to 10,000, but lately I have quit the long run shows distance as gas has hit hard for the rigs getting 6-8 miles per gallon, home town show, 600-1500 for a weekend, lots of people still going by I use it partically as advertising for our B & M store. it gets me out of the shop see people see stuff I would not see any other time, I shop, get some good buys yet, what else do you do on a Sunday morning except sit at home eat breakfast and watch tv??

haggling over prices is part of the industry. doing the local flea markets have not done that for decades, tho I go anytime I can and shop, go out for breakfast and do retail theropy,


Craig Phillips

B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware


you are doing a lot better than us. after costs of items and all costs of getting there etc. i am estimating our end of day profit was max $500 tops. divided by two people for two days?

 you sell great stuff though that could be why! i actually need one of those doors.

 are you close to the lake/tourists?

we are close but no cigar to the tourists, we get some just like everyone gets some. we are 25+ miles off of lake michigan, but Saugatuck, & Holland keep most of what hits that area, they do not like to share, tho we court/ chase after any one we can, our small town the 10 total antique shops,  artists studios, gallerys, and such do a tri fold brouchere together and distribute them to all the B & B's motels, other antique shops.


Yes we are a specialist, as well as been doing antiques for just about 40 years, we still buy antiques vintage retro, any time I can, we also have an esty, bonanaza, an artfire site along with my own monster web site  


I buy a wide varity of items the key to making money in the antique field is the purchasing, at the right price, not just to have "X" pc in your booth but to buy it for something we can dicker the price down and still make $$ and make the customer feel good for getting a deal, they will tell there friends they got us to cut the price 20% or whatever and they got a great deal and a great item, yes we still get some one who walks up and says I want this and hands me the item with a tag & we sell it for sticker,


online sales take lots of time per item to list, by the time you photo it, fix the photo crop it, size it, load it, describe it, measure it, it all takes time


Craig Phillips

B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware


I love doing "live" shows. It is so much nicer to interact with the buyers, kinda like the eBay of long ago. Yes there is work involved but I think it is well worth it. The other thing is a live show you can also buy and as a dealer you can get in before the others at many and get a jump on buying.


Oh I was a Powerseller before they started really messing with the search and started doing live shows instead and have not regretted it.

Do you find you can make more at a live show than as a Powerseller? If you do a weekend show do you make a nice profit? And what area of the world are you in? That might make a big difference too.


Yes most definitely  I can make more. We are in eastern CT and do one day type up to week long (Brimfield). Yes there are some flops some close and some far away but that is the normal learning curve.


the other nice thing of live shows is you can make the deal right then, item marked 55, take $45. it is gone. along with the shopping chance


Making money is all in the buying of the items, buy right sell right!


Craig Phillips

B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware



i really am starting to think that is my problem. maybe i am taking the wrong stuff. i do well on small furniture, oil paintings, chenille, and jewelry but glass and pottery are low ticket items and very hard to pack up. we also did well on old tools.. to be honest most "men's stuff" sells better for us. what do ya'all take?

i also think it is a staging thing. my space just looks bad usually. table placement always confuses me. any tips on set up?

For setup planning I actually will do a set up in my yard (or cellar if it is just a one table type show). Put up the EzUps and plan where stuff will go. It works well for quick set up shows as the stuff in one box goes to this shelf and so on. Regular flea markets/ swap meets we tend to do the same thing every time for tables so no real effort to do it again.


When we went to some inside expensive shows we went down to a 10 by 10 spot and pre planed with Floorplanner.com. It is an office planer but worked well to kick some ideas around, still did a backyard setup to make sure it did work and final tweaking, we are wider than we thought.

in my booth you never know what I am going to bring, depends on what I buy or have or mood, we always have a 3 tier 8' long table of original hardware, ( this is what I am known for thru out the midwest) table of wood crates/boxes, drawers, double 8' long tables with glass, pottery, dishes, that type of stuff, have a 6' table with show cases on them, and an accordian 5 foot long shelf with antique planes and woodworking tools, & wrenches. 



B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware



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