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This is so funny...

I sold a book to a lady in Virginia Beach, VA. She lived in a big apartment with small mailboxes.  A slip was left in her mailbox announcing the arrival of my book. For reasons unknown she didn't get it.  So, instead of contacting me, she opened up a Dispute with eBay.

I sent her pictures of the postal receipts that showed date mailed, her zip code, weight, cost, etc.

She apologized. I didn't respond.

Discovered later that he (or she) who responds last "wins". The dispute timed out with her message being the last one and eBay took the money out of my account and paid her!  Go figure.

So what's funny about this?

The book was a college legal book named, "Dispute Resolution".


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hmmmmmmmmmm, she must have read it and used what was in it! Amazing how the odds go against the seller! Sorry to hear this happened to you.


Even so she left me Positive Feedback!  I am still at 100%...
Well that is great! a positive is so much better than a negative :)

I always have the same problem. Buyer purchases from me(Canada) and then claims they did not receive. I have proof of shipment through Paypal but this makes no difference. In Canada full tracking costs approximately $20.00 and up. As I know that Ebay will take out the money out of my account and negatives are feared by me I refund at a loss to myself. Strange though those packages never ever work there way back to me "Undeliverable" Oh the cost of business!! blackvelvetvintage P.S. Thank goodness for excellent feedback.

anne marie,
i always ship priority (tracked) after losing not one but two packages to the same woman in canada. i shipped a 2nd lot for free and she hit me for $60! in paypal, claimed she got neither.
i have lost 100's this year and now put a "priority only" on all international shipments including canada. my overseas business has dropped about 80% in the last 3 years and my guess is now my canadian sales are going to drop too.
guess what i never get a package back either ?
paypal stopped caring about "proof of mailing" at literally the same time (3 years ago) that usps stopped tracking 1st class, did away with all parcel etc rates, and raised all rates.


i always print shipping online via paypal. even media mail has tracking (19 cents) and the they (paypal) just fill in the tracking info in the res. center for you. i ship nothing without tracking any more. it is great at least that you are laughing. to be a seller a sence of humor is a must.


What a great story!!! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.


I always ship with 1st class, in bubble envelope, delivery confirmation is included when you ship using PayPal. You can insure the package up to $500, if the item costs significantly more I stay in line in Post Office and pay the difference. Signature confirmation is a must, too.

International shipping - ALWAYS EXPRESS MAIL. Not because I care about speed of delivery but this is for my protection. Express mail is taken more serious and also you can see all info online.

But, of course, keep in mind I sell jewelry only, no large items.


great point Rubylight777,

i would'nt ship anything over $250 (even to my own mother) without signature confirmation. i may lose a few sales but after loosing literally thousands of dollars over 9 years from shipping gone wrong, it is just prudent policy.

Oh, yeah, you're right. I rather to spend a little more (how much is a signature confirmation, around $1.75?) than to have problems with a buyer and PayPal. Plus PayPal requires to buy signature confirmation anyway.

Well I am talking about a 19.95 item. All of our shipping is done through Paypal but I don't think they care too much whether I have proof or not. 99% of my customers are in the U.S.A. Thank you U.S.A. We don't have the luxury of signature confirmation for $1.75. In Canada international shipments with signature confirmation would be about $10-$15.00. Imagine charging $15.00 for a $19.95. LOL Fortunately the loss happens very rarely.

actually our "priority rate" is about $19-20 (for up to 1lb) and i do charge that. always.

 i have about 10 international sales a month. the europeans and japanese do not mind (the dollar is weak right now) they will pay for quality. i have several regular buyers in france, italy, gb, japan, and russia.

 i always say that i am sorry and explain paypal/ebay regs. but since the last woman i trusted (and lost $60 plus 2 lots of millinery) i refuse to ship without tracking. harsh but ebay/paypal has left us no choice. online is my only income; i hate antique shows. .. hey great new topic!



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