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I received this plate on consignment and I really know very little about porcelain.
It is huge. Between 14 and 16 inches in diameter.
My questions:

Identification? I tried to find the mark and couldn't. It appears to be a knight with a shield with 'u's on it and a cape or banner flying behind him. 

There is a flea bite chip on the back of the lip of the plate that is not visible at all in the front. Does this completely devalue the plate? If not, how much would you decrease the value?

Thank you for any insights you can provide. 

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Hi Emily,

Your large plate is called a charger. Chargers are typically used as underplates beneath dinner plates at the table, but in the case of yours, it appears to be a decorative cabinet piece. The plate has a transferred design with handpainted details. It dates to c.1900. The image is a reproduced version of a painting by the Neoclassical artist, Angelica Kauffmann. Many German and Austrian decorative arts of the time featured her work, as well as work by other artists (Madame LeBrun comes to mind). The chip will hurt the value a bit. This plate is not the most valuable of its kind, due to the large amount of transferred imagery. There are other similar plates, like Royal Vienna, for example, that feature much more hand painting. I would say the more hand painting, the more value. I wasn't able to identify the mark, but I suspect those might be omega symbols, rather than u-shapes.

Thank you for your help, LB Laub! 


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