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I picked up a set of 3 nesting mixing bowls today and have found the yellow and blue colored ones over on ebay and they were selling them just as one piece bowls and I didn't find the red colored one but was wondering if anyone has come across these bowls as a set and how much they go for as a set?

The bowl numbers on the bottom are blue 325, yellow 323 and red 322. The sizes are Blue 2.5L, Yellow 1.5L and Red 1L.

They are marked Pyrex Made In U.S.A. and Use in microwave or oven not for broiler or stove use.

What year were these made? I went over to Pyrex Love and didn't find anything on a complete set either. If anybody has come across these could you please direct me to the information on a complete set.

There are no marks on the bowls as the pictures show. It is the lighting from the camera. I will have to try to take some better pictures tomorrow but for the purpose of finding information the pictures will work.

Thanks for any information,


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I sell these bowls for about $10-12 each. There are actually four sizes, but not all colors were made in all sizes. Look for a black and white combo set of four.
These bowls weren't sold as sets? I have a set of the four primary colored ones but I have never seen these with the clear bottoms. The set of the four I have aren't the clear bottom ones but are the ones my mom had back in the 60's when I was a kid or before.

When did they make these with the clear bottoms with the primary colors and thank you for the information?

These were made in the 1980's & 1990's.
Then they are not that old like the primary colored ones. Thanks and are they sought after that much? Things that you think aren't going are now like the the Pyrex Visions. Who would of thought that people are now reselling these?

Thank you for the information,

Hi Lauraetta,

Do you by chance have the red bowl for sale? I broke mine last night.
Hi Maria,

I do still have the set but don't want to break them up. I an new to selling these and would like to know if you sell them how do you pack them to ship without them breaking. I did read about packing some but not a lot of information that I found.

I read that you should put something between each piece and then tape them together and put peanuts in the top and bottom and shake the box some to see if you hear any movement and if you don't then you know that they won't move during shipment.

Does any one want to share how they send their pyrex mixing bowls and mixing bowl sets? This information would be greatly appreciated by a newby.

Thank you,

Hi there - I found a large pale blue (turquoise) the other day. Would love more info as well.


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