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Collecting old magazines By Arthur Schwerdt

One of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld is the one where George Costanza’s crazy father becomes even crazier because Elaine has taken his copy of TV Guide, the one with Al Roker on the cover. “Who steals a TV Guide?” he bellows.

It turns out that Mr. Costanza collects TV Guides, and when his copy is returned to him with a food smudge on the cover, he becomes even more furious.

The fact that he collects TV Guides is treated in this show as just another affirmation of Mr. Costanza’s craziness, but there may be a method to his madness, especially when it comes to the smudge on the cover.

The value of old magazines is very often about who is on the cover (Will Al Roker be a keeper?), and it’s always all about the condition of the magazine.

Old pre-1953 TV Guides in perfect shape are regularly $25 or more, but many of them are quite a bit more. For instance, the Nov.6, 1948 cover with Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody is valued at about $125. The Sept. 2, 1950 Howdy Doody cover is about $200.

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I have boxes of Vintage magazines that I am going though to determine if I should keep or recycle. I have collected so many different styles of magazines, so many from thrift and charity shops, Recycle bins, I actually paid full price for many and many I would never have thought to purchase as they just look interesting to browse when I found them here , there and everywhere! 

My intent was for mixed media usage in many ways! And, I have so many I can never get through these boxes to actually read and/or browse them as intended. I am in the process of cleaning our my attic and warehouse storage spaces, I even have boxes in my living room I have to clean up and make room. I think I am addicted to reading old books, magazines, any kind of paperie that could be used for this in so many up-cycled useful ways. 

I have boxes of same magazines and I am going though more that I am coordinating to get all one kind together.   I will list the names after I have them more sorted but a start is: 

Home Decor, Fashion, Cooking, Travel, Hobbies, Crafting, Sewing, Holidays, Primitives, just off the top of my head, etc. 

Woman's and Men's Interest in General , but not all vintage = Southern Living, Hunting, Water Sports, Better Homes and Gardens, Journal, Pets= Fish, Dogs, Cats,Horses, Good Housekeeping, Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair,etc.  in General, these types of Magazine and a few Gossip. 


I will upload photos and would it be better to sell as Bulk Lots or Individual Issues? 

That is really my question here! 

I would appreciate your answers as desired.

Thanks for reading and look for more information coming soon. 

Blessings, Cyndi  

Hello Cyndi,

I am doing the same thing you are with old magazines! They are separated and boxes stacked in my living room. I want to sell them (and everything else i have!) but so far havent had much luck......

I researched values on ebay and Amazon, and may list there.I made a PDF list of all issues, so i really should post that here! 

Good luck!!!


Thanks for your reply Cindy! 

I am still working on organizing what I have trying to  find issues in best order.   PDF is a good idea, I started to donate a bunch of Quilting and Cooking Light but want to see if I have more, I know I do, or maybe list order doesn't matter. I did donate some cooking and Travel but I have lots more. 

I had them all together at one time but pulled for my consignment shop whick some sold and some didn't.  I will check out your page here for your eBay name and I have not sold on Amazon before, good thought!  

Smiles, Cyndi



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