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Does anyone just love tiny salt cellars?  I just can't seem to get enough of them!  Porcelain, crystal, sterling - it doesn't matter the composition!  I am infatuated and obsessed with them.  Here are just a few from my current collection:

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The six salts surrounding the large gold bowl are Limoges, each with its own sterling salt spoon.   The large bowl is not original to this set, though it does appear as a set of master and individual salts.  The large bowl was manufactured by Pickard Etched China Co. and has tiny daisies embossed all over it, though it is difficult to tell from this picture.  

The salt cellars in the top picture are surrounding a vintage Shelley tea cup and saucer of the "Green Daisies" pattern.  They are oval cut crystal salts with glass spoons.

Here is a picture of predominantly blue hues.  Some of my clear and aqua salts and tiny spoons among my blue tea cups - Shelley, Dresden, Limoges and Crown Staffordshire!  

Today's post will be a creative use of a lady's writing desk to display another collection of salt cellars which center around the pastel colors.  The shelves meant for sorting papers are just the right size for these French and German salt cellars!

Some more salt cellars, each with their own sterling salt spoon.  These are O.&E.G salts - Oscar and Edgar Gutherz - two brothers who ran a very successful porcelain factory in Austria between 1889 and 1918.  I love their classic simplicity.   Please note the tiny handblown swan and the little Dutch girl, also a salt cellar!   The tiny tea cup is a miniature Crown Staffordshire.

I have two cute swan salt cellars. Both have the mini spoons and the wings open and close to access the salt the wings are a silver tone filigree. Very sweet.

Beautiful, Barb!  I have one, as well.   Unfortunately, only one....

Salt cellars are so classic and beautiful.  How many of you have some salt cellars to share?  :)  Can you find the salt cellars here?  :)

Here is a vintage pheasant salt cellar paired with a beautiful vintage plate echoing the same color scheme.

One of my most prized possessions:  A handpainted O&EG master salt and matching individual salts.  A spectacular find at a consignment shop for under $20!

These lovely amethyst glass and sterling salts look so pretty on this wooden carved shelf with the miniature, delicate perfume bottle and the miniature cup on the stand!


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