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Hello, and by the way, I find this group fun and interesting!

I have a few questions about this double salt/pepper shaker. (i assume it was for salt and pepper) I would like help identifying an approximate age, and if it has any collectability out there. On the bottom, it has "SULLIVAN" painted on it. Was this added at a later date, or original?

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Hi George! What you have there is an example of "China Painting" it was a very popular hobby starting in the Victorian era and ending around 1920 - ish.

The signature is the person who painted it. The company sold this as a "Blank" which would be purchased ready to paint. You can find whole sets that people did.

Value is based on the skill of the artist and the subject matter. The one's that are very well done with portraits and really lavish pieces sell for the most of course. And, they were usually done by someone that was an artist.

It's probably quite old - 1880's or so. Hope this helps ya a bit!


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