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This has been in our family a long time.  Don't know value?

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Katherine -- you give us an unviewable pix, NO info on even what they are made of, nothing about any markings or even size -- and you expect us to help??  Please put in at LEAST as much effort in giving clear info as you would like US to give of our years of hard-worked-for knowledge

sorry, I took another picture.  Hope is shows better.  The material seems to be iron, very heavy.  Etching on the sides do not show very well.  They are about 4" high.  again, sorry.  I was trying to do two things at once.   Hope this looks better. 

I think they are old silverplated salt and pepper set  - 1930's. It looks like the tarnish is so bad that the silver is likely gone from the pieces. It probably says "Rogers Bros." somewhere on the base - I recognise the pattern.

Thanks Vicki, are they worth anything?????????????

can I clean them with anything.  don't want to ruin them. 

I agree with Vicki, and I might even go so far as to say that to me, it looks like ALL of the silver plating is gone and the shakers are reduced to the base metal. I think the collector's value is negligible, especially if that is a dent I see on the side -- but they should have sentimental, family worth.


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